GN Netcom Expands Wireless Solutions for the Office with New Jabra Wireless and Multiuse Headset Portfolio

Jabra Office Products Increase Productivity & Mobility, Improve Health

NASHUA, N.H., June 17 -- GN Netcom, the world leader in innovative headset solutions, today announced it has enhanced its award-winning Jabra wireless headsets for conventional and IP telephony. These upgrades, combined with its recent introduction of two new multiuse headsets, the M5390 and the T5330M, significantly expand the Jabra office portfolio.

"Our new products address the convergence between mobile and office," said Phyllis McCullagh, president, GN Netcom North America. "The Jabra GN9300 products provide inter-office mobility, enabling professionals to take calls while picking up documents off the printer, for example. The multiuse headsets enable busy professionals to remain connected via their cell phone while in transit, and then connect to their desk or PC softphone once in the office. These products were developed based on customer feedback and will help further improve office efficiency and effectiveness."

The new Jabra GN9300e series features an increased wireless range of up to 350 feet, a new boom arm and a microphone design that reduces wind noise sensitivity and improved comfort through a lighter, more flexible material on the headband, neckband and earhook. The products are stylish, easy to use, and ideal for business professionals who want to make the most of hands-free communication in the office. The original GN9350 was awarded "Product of the Year" 2006 and 2007 by Customer Inter@ction Solutions Magazine.

The Jabra M5390 multiuse headset can seamlessly connect two communications devices such as a desk phone, a PC softphone or a cell phone and gives users the flexibility and freedom to use one simple headset. In addition, the M5390 provides a plug-and-play solution with Microsoft(R) Office Communicator 2007, Cisco and Skype (R).

With these products, professionals continue to increase their productivity and health. A time and motion efficiency study conducted by H.B. Maynard & Company involving more than 2,000 telephone transactions found:

-- Free hands result in up to a 43 percent increase in productivity
-- Where the entire workday is spent in conversations, headset users complete an average of 16 more calls per day, an 11 percent increase
-- Use of a headset reduces neck, upper back and shoulder tension by as much as 41 percent

The headsets are available now, starting at $249.

9300 Upgrades

The Jabra GN9300 series consists of three different headsets: the Jabra GN9350e, a wireless headset for both conventional and IP telephony; the Jabra GN9330e for desk phones; and the Jabra GN9330e USB for PC-based IP telephony. With the ability to switch between conventional and IP telephony the range provides companies with a cost-effective, future-proof headset solution.


Providing useful innovation and packed in a sleek design with easy to use wireless functionality, the GN9350e is an indispensable business tool for the professional person. Like the Jabra GN9350 before it, the GN9350e is still the only headset available to offer users full convergence between traditional office telephony and computer-based IP telephony (softphones). It automatically switches between phones when a call is received so the user never has to think about it.

The GN9350e is also the industry's only wireless office headset to offer true wideband audio performance (6.8 kHz wideband sound in IP mode) and combined with Digital Signal Processing technology, it ensures that users experience superior sound clarity. Digital Signal Processing filters out incoming background noise, boosts incoming audio levels and maintains a safe consistent volume throughout the call.

The Jabra GN9350e is easy to set up and its LCD display controls make it intuitive to use. It has digital security encryption and optional interchangeable batteries for around-the-clock talk time. Weighing just 26 grams, the GN9350e is one of the smallest and lightest headsets in its class but features one of the longest wireless ranges - up to 350 feet. Its ergonomic design means that the user will hardly notice wearing it. The GN9350e comes in a black and silver metallic color and offers three different wearing styles to suit individual user preferences.

GN9330e & GN 9330e USB

The Jabra GN9330e is designed to work with traditional office phones, bringing hands-free convenience and superior audio quality to conventional office telephony. The GN9330e USB is for use with IP telephony such as IP softphones and is the industry's only wireless headset to offer 6.8 kHz wide-band USB audio quality.

Both headsets offer affordable innovative headset technology with simple plug-and-play installation as well as all the benefits of hands-free convenience, including increased efficiency, comfort and mobility. The GN9330e and GN9330 USBe come in the same stylish design as the GN9350e, offer two different wearing styles and connect effortlessly and quickly to a user's telephone or computer. In addition, their simplistic, intuitive headset controls make them easy to operate. They both offer noise-cancelling microphone technology, digital security encryption and can work up to a range of 350 feet.


The M5390 is ideal for busy professionals who use multiple communication devices. When paired with a Jabra A335w Bluetooth(R) Adapter, the M5390 works plug-and-play with a wide range of PC-based softphones such as Microsoft Communicator 2007, Cisco or Skype. The M5390 is also compatible with most desk phone systems and can instantly connect to any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.

All call handling is controlled via the headset, enabling the user to answer, end or put on hold any call and the new and improved earhook was designed to increase user comfort. Integrated DSP technology and eSCO Bluetooth audio link provide an enhanced digital sound performance. The M5390 has a talk time of up to six hours, a standby time of up to 60 hours and weighs just 0.6 ounces making it ideal for use throughout the day.


GN Netcom also recently introduced the T5330M, a multiuse version of the T5330. The T5300 series provides a mainstream solution for the growing hands- free office environment by combining state-of-the-art design with affordability. The series includes the T5330 for use with traditional landline phones, the T5330M with multiuse functionality, the T5320 for IP telephony, and the M5390.

The T5330M is optimized for office-centric professionals who utilize deskphone, mobile and IP softphone applications, and has Bluetooth 1.2 headset and hands-free profiles. It has a talk time of up to four hours, 60 hours of standby and indicates a low battery 10 minutes before the battery runs out of power. The headset features include an answer/end button, mute option, volume control, power button and multi-colored visual light indicator (LED) for status call indication, battery and charging.

About GN Netcom

Through its Jabra brand, GN Netcom is a world leader in innovative headset solutions. With sales offices around the world, GN Netcom develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of wireless headsets for mobile users and both wireless and corded headsets for contact centre and office-based users. GN Netcom's business activities also include its original equipment manufacturing (OEM) business. GN Netcom has been helping people communicate since 1869 and is a listed company on OMX Nordic Exchange.

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