Global Trash Solutions Saves McDonald's Owners Millions of Dollars Per Year ...

Global Trash Solutions saves McDonald's owners millions of dollars per year using the GTS 2000 Trash Compactor/Cardboard Baler, Lake Park, FL 33403.

Lake Park, FL - Global Trash Solutions has quickly become one of the nations fastest growing small businesses. With the support of McDonald's owners around the world, they have been able to implement a high-end trash compaction system that reduced waste hauling costs by over 1 million dollars in 2009. Global Trash Solutions was established in January of 2008 and has been part of the "Green Initiative" from its inception.

McDonald's owners have been looking for innovative ways to cut costs and become more environmentally friendly. Global Trash Solutions designed the GTS 2000 to help businesses control their waste costs. The compactor reduces cost because trash haulers charge customers by the size of their dumpster and the frequency of pickups. Global Trash Solutions has realized if they can just make the trash smaller, they can reduce the cost to their clients significantly.

Founder and President of Global Trash Solutions Peter Spano realized that trash compaction was the key to reducing costs associated with waste hauling around the world. He quickly put his idea to the test. After starting Global Trash Solutions, his idea caught on very quickly. McDonald's owners from around the US jumped on board and started realizing a 50%-70% decrease in their waste hauling and recycling costs. For some of these owners this meant that each store would save over $10,000 per year.
The GTS 2000 Trash Compactor/Cardboard Baler is operated by a computer technology that allows it to be fully programmable and makes it easy for the end user to compact trash. The trash compactor website will be available December 1, 2009 is under construction at: Global Trash Solutions has helped clients of all sizes grow and achieve increased profitability over the past 2 years and has tremendous growth potential. For more information, please visit, call (866) 760-8194 or email Follow them on Facebook and Twitter ( You can also visit their Flicker account ( to view pictures of the GTS 2000.

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