Glass Fabrications change from transparent to opaque.

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With touch of switch, glass changes from transparent to opaque, blocking UV light and providing privacy and security, while eliminating need for blinds or curtains. Degree of transparency can be controlled. Glass engraving applications include storefronts, displays, skylights, windows, office partitions, conference rooms, and interior partitions. Waterjet precision machining and cutting services are available for all glass fabrications.

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Switchable Glass Fabrication and Capabilities

Gray Glass has offered fabrication and machining for the glass industry for over 60 years. Serving all industrial glass fabricating needs with precision CNC machining and water jet cutting services for cutting and sizing, hole drilling, glass polishing, laminating, etching and UV bonding. Gray Glass is also a complete source for architectural specialty glass stocking the largest selection available from anywhere nationwide. Gray Glass has antireflection laminated UV float and optical glasses with glass components manufactured to OEM specifications. Now available - New switchable glass applications provide an exciting expanded range of glass capabilities.

Gray Glass now featuring glass fabricating & machining with switchable glass changes from transparent to opaque with a switch. Blocks UV light when turned opaque & provides privacy and security with a touch of a switch. Glasses that save costs for heating, air-conditioning & lighting and avoids the cost of installing and maintaining blinds or curtains. The degree of transparency can also be controlled. Glass engraving specialty applications include: storefronts, displays, skylights, windows, transportation, office partitions, conference rooms, interior partitions, security applications. Waterjet precision machining & cutting services are available for all glass fabrications. Servicing office & architectural, industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Since 1946 Gray Glass has been the front runner for precision glass fabrication and machining with an in-depth knowledge of industrial OEM, instrument and gage manufacturers as well as optical production experience for glass requirements. Improved precision water jet cutting and machining expands our capabilities to cut virtually any shape cutting a wide range of thickness to high tolerances for custom glass machined components.

Offering architectural glass solutions for commercial and residential lighting manufacturers, showcase and display, and custom furniture. Stage and theatrical lighting and colored glass filters are available from Devon Glass. We ship globally and service government, defense contractors, science researchers and architectural, residential and commercial markets.

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