GF AgieCharmilles to Showcase Innovative Laser and EDM Solutions at CMTS

Lincolnshire, Illinois - GF AgieCharmilles will spotlight its LASER 1200 5Ax laser ablation center, CUT 200 wire EDM and FORM 20 diesinking EDM at the 2011 Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show, taking place October 17 - 20 at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. The machines will be featured inside Elliott Matsuura Canada, Inc.'s exhibit space, booths 2300 and 2400.

One of six laser ablation machines designed by GF AgieCharmilles, the LASER 1200 5Ax provides a fullydigitized manufacturing process that yields detailed and nuanced texturing,microstructuring, engraving, marking and labeling.

Laser ablation represents a flexible method that is faster and more repeatable than conventional manual and chemical etching processes. 2D and 3D details are machined from a high-quality digital image, allowing completely reproducible results for a variety of applications across several industrial segments, from automotive to luxury goods. Additionally, laser ablation offers pollutant-free operation, producing no fluids, slurry or chips. Plus, dust particles produced by the process are automatically extracted by vacuum to guarantee a clean process.

The mapping of the LASERseries uses a pulsed laser to render the desired texturing. While chemical etching can only produce three to five layers, GF AgieCharmilles' laser ablation technology can achieve 30 to 50 layers to offer a much higher level of detail. This allows for greater creativity in part design across a wide variety of materials, including graphite, aluminum, copper, steel, carbide, brass and ceramics.

The LASER 1200 5Ax, like all other models in the LASER series, provides two optical and five mechanical axes, housed in a cast iron body that provides excellent absorption, stability and quality performance. Linear scales and rotary encoders ensure maximum accuracy.

A 20-watt, Ytterbium pulsed fiber laser is at the heart of the machine, with a 50-watt option available to further boost capabilities. Furthermore, the LASER 1200 5Ax comes standard with a programmable, tilting laser head, high-resolution camera with integrated illumination for fine positioning, integrated touch probe, dust exhaust, central lubrication system and lenses of varying focal strength.

GF AgieCharmilles gave ergonomics special attention throughout the design of the LASER 1200 5Ax, evident in the machine's excellent visual appearance and physical access to the work area. Two spacious front-opening doors ensure easy loading and unloading of large parts via a crane.

In the wire EDM category, GF AgieCharmilles will highlight its versatile CUT 200, which reliably generates part tolerances measured in microns and machines light or heavy components without sacrificing accuracy.

The CUT 200 provides significant improvements in accuracy and cutting speeds, especially for parts having various thicknesses or different heights, such as plastic injection mold, aluminum extrusion die, aerospace and medical components. The key to improved processing of such challenging components is the CUT 200's Power Expert smart module that intelligently calculates part thickness, checks injection pressure and adjusts machine power accordingly. The smart module also prevents the wire breakage that often occurs when transitioning between part thicknesses.

For automatic wire threading, the CUT 200 accommodates wire diameters from 0.07 mm to 0.33 mm. In addition, the machine cuts tapers up to 45 degrees regardless of part thickness, and its digital CC Generator enables surface finishes as fine as Ra 0.1 µm. An optional power module is available to boost cutting speed to as fast as 400 mm2/min by using adapted wire - a feature especially useful for larger components where high metal removal rates are important.

As an added benefit to its part processing capabilities, the CUT 200 comes with GF AgieCharmilles' Econowatt 2 smart module that ties machine energy savings to increased productivity. The Econowatt 2 can be programmed to automatically awaken the machine and complete thermostabilization before a shift begins. It can also automatically switch the machine off when a job is completed or if the machining process is interrupted - for example when running out of wire.

The CUT 200's external dimensions measure 80" x 87" x 79". A drop door is now available for easy access to the CUT 200's work area, and the design reduces the machine's overall footprint to conserve valuable shop floor space.

Visitors to the Elliott Matsuura Canada, Inc.'s exhibit space will also witness GF AgieCharmilles' FORM 20, a cost-effective diesinking EDM that combines ease of use with exceptional performance. Offering consistent reliability, the FORM 20 ensures high rigidity, good interface and reduced setup times.

Constructed with an ultra rigid cast iron C-frame and cross-table design, the FORM 20 guarantees stiffness and is suited to withstand the temperature fluctuations found in the standard workshop environment. GF AgieCharmilles designed the machine with an integrated tool capacity for 4 - 6 positions, as well as glass scales on all axes that continuously measure axis positions, ensuring the highest level of positioning and cutting accuracy.

The FORM 20 is also equipped with the new and intuitive control HMI, which is built on a Windows XP platform and designed with "non-EDM experts" in mind. The control ensures that machine operators with minimal experience can program a job and quickly yield the desired geometrical and surface finish results in all cavities.

The system seamlessly integrates into a data network via LAN for remote monitoring and data management. Adding to the smart design of the control is the proven performance of GF AgieCharmilles' Advanced Power Generator (APG), a high efficiency, high output 72/103 Amp generator that delivers high speed, consistent surface finish quality, precision, low electrode wear and high material removal rates.

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