Get the Lead Out with Blue Blade Steel!!

Blue Blade Steel Announces Lead-Free Processing

Kennilworth, NJ - We at Blue Blade Steel are pleased to announce that we are one of the few hardening and tempering mills in this country and the world able to offer a "lead-free surface" for your pre-tempered carbon and alloy strip steel requirements.

We urge you to take advantage of our unique capabilities in this market to promote your own products in a way your competition may not be able. Ask for "lead-free surface and processing" on all of your pre-tempered steel needs and ensure the quality and safety unique to our partnership for your employees, for your customers, and for our future.

As Blue Blade looks to the future we are continually looking for new innovative ways to improve the longevity of our industry and U.S. manufacturing in general. Being able to promote a lead-free surface is elemental in setting a new safety standard in the U.S. and setting your products apart from foreign competitors.

Please ask your customers what value a lead-free surface can mean for them and set your product apart from your competition with Blue Blade's lead free surface!!

Blue Blade Steel is your premier hardened and tempering mill offering pre-tempered high carbon and alloy strip steel for a variety of stamping, spring, and blade applications.

Located in Kenilworth, N.J., Blue Blade Steel Corp ships regularly across the U.S. and to Canada and Mexico, visit our website for more information ( or send us an email

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