Germantown Tool & Mfg. Delivers on Compressed Timeline

Metal stamping and fabrication is an extremely competitive market. A supplier needs to differentiate their company from their competitors in order to survive.

When Germantown Tool & Mfg was informed they had lost a bid for a new project with a good customer of theirs, we were disappointed, but it happens. You can't win them all. We were not the lowest price, and we also had concerns about the compressed timeline. This included tooling and samples in 5 weeks for two parts and production complete 2 weeks later.

Two weeks later, our customer contacted us and asked us if we would take this challenge on. The supplier, after two weeks, had informed our customer that they could not meet the deadline!

"Germantown Tool had a decision to make," said Tom McLaughlin, Sales Manager. "They were a good customer of ours and we wanted to help them, but we did not want to miss a critical deadline and impact our relationship with them. In addition, we now had just 3 weeks for tooling and samples and 2 weeks for production complete, to be on a ship heading for Europe………….no excuses!"

We called a meeting of our team that included our Tool Room, Materials, Laser, Press room, and outside plating services and asked, "Can we do this, and without overtime and expediting premiums?" They all responded "Yes, we'll make it happen."

The key to making this happen was our ability to utilize our laser not only for blank die development, but the first production run of blanks as well. The laser cutting process is slower than conventional blanking using a die, but was programmed within hours and soon after began producing blanks saving valuable time. This resulted in only a small increase in the part price.

Our team worked hard and smart to pull this off. It was great to be able to step up and deliver for our customer. The final outcome:

   Tooling and samples  3 wks.

+ Production complete, incl. plating 2 wks.

= 1 very satisfied customer

At Germantown Tool, that's the way we roll! 

About Us:

Germantown Tool & Mfg., in Huntingdon Valley,  Pa has been servicing the area for over 50 years.  We have expanded our service area to include Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia,  New York and beyond.  We are constantly updating our equipment to offer state of the art service to our customers for sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, stamping, welding and tool & die work. 

For more information on how we can help your company, please visit our website, or contact Tom Mclaughlin 215-322-4970 x105 or

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