GeoVision License Plate Recognition Systems Deployed at Comfort Parking

Taipei, Taiwan Dec. 6, 2006 - Munich International Airport recently implemented a comfort parking scheme as a park control system. This scheme, run by GESIG and NAVAIO, was to deal with the greater volume of parking throughout Munich Airport. GeoVision's forward GV-License Plate Recognition (GV-LPR) system has been installed at the airport to ensure cost efficient security.

Munich International Airport is Germany's second-busiest airport, serving nearly 30 million passengers in 2005. The massive increase in users results in higher demand for parking capacity and security for passengers, airport staff, and airline staff. This needs to be achieved by adopting an efficient parking management and surveillance system in the Comfort Parking scheme. Under this scheme GeoVision's GV-LPR system was selected and a more efficient parking control was introduced to manage parking spaces, improve vehicle flow, and save operational costs.

Security Measures and Rapid Service with GV-LPR

The Munich Airport car parks are secured with GeoVision License Plate Recognition (GV-LPR) systems. The GV-LPR provides number plates recognition function to work with Comfort Parking online car park booking service and car park fence systems. The GV-LPR system can capture and recognize number plates from entrance and exit. The captured plate numbers will be processed and checked against the Comfort Parking site database. The whole process will take only a few seconds. If the numbers match the database, the fence will lift open to allow passage.

Reasons to use GV-LPR at Comfort Parking Scheme

Time Consumption: With the employment of GV-LPR, Comfort Parking can accelerate the time efficiency for airport parking. Nearly 100% accuracy and speedy process time of recognition contributes to smoothness of car park service. This helps raise customer satisfaction and increase their loyalty.

Cost Effective: The GV-LPR successfully co-exists with the Comfort Parking site and access equipment of car parks. Thus reducing the handling costs at the airport parking and the data can be transferred online 24-7.

Loss Prevention: The GV-LPR not only monitors the number plate, it records the numbers with driver's face, drive-in time, and driver's name if available. A customer does not have a chance to change their plate. Nor can a customer claim to have lost their ticket. The researchable video and data will provide video evidence, help to trace back to the time of arrival and prevent parking fee loss.

With the GV-LPR, the recognition result of a customer's number plates will become his authorized pass. "The GV-LPR indeed facilitates Munich Airport Comfort Parking scheme. We've had positive feedback from our satisfying customers, especially the VIP contract customers", said a representative from GESIG.

Customers do not require a parking card or ticket to get access to the car park. Neither do they need to keep their card or ticket along their trip. Thus saving tremendous costs on parking cards. "They're happy about the convenience and time efficiency results of the advanced system." "When you save time for your customers, you save money for them. In return, they keep coming back and make more money for you. The return of investment is very high", the representative added.

GeoVision's advanced GV-LPR system is a digital license plate recognition system that utilizes Neural Network Technology of artificial intelligence. GV-LPR can generate data for analysis of parking status and converge them into 3rd party equipment. It provides seamless integration with GeoVision DVR with POS text overlay function for parking management.

GV-LPR currently supports license plates from 20 countries and is successfully installed in more than 25 countries. For more information, please contact GeoVision LPR team at

Press Contact: Alice Ko & Jean Chen, Marketing Dept.

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