GeoVision License Plate Recognition Solution Employed to Reinforce Transportation Emission Standards

Taipei, Taiwan - In certain countries, light-weighted motorcycles such as scooter bikes have been the more popular and cost effective mode of transport. They can offer great convenience and save tremendous amount of time when commuting through densely populated metropolitan areas and urban counties. Many of these motorcycles, however, often failed to meet local emission standards and regulations due to lack of emission testing and routine maintenance. To prevent escalating air pollution problem and to improve government and transportation regulatory efficiency, a local environmental protection authority has taken countermeasures by employing GeoVision License Plate Recognition/ Automatic Number Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR) solution for their daily on-road inspection tasks.

The GV-LPR system was installed at various checkpoint locations and as motorcycle approaches one of these checkpoints, the GV-LPR system captures and reads the license plate number, and automatically compares the result with the blacklist data stored in the database. With high rate of speed and accuracy, the whole recognition and blacklist data matching process takes less than 0.2 of a second.

By utilizing GeoVision LPR/ANPR solution, authorities at various checkpoints were now able to catch, on average per day, 1,000 motorcycles that have failed to meet the emission law requirement - comparing to an average of merely 200 motorcycles caught per day prior to implementation. With significant improvement in law enforcement efficiency and without increase in manpower, GeoVision LPR/ANPR solution has helped the authority reduce its overall operation cost.

Moreover, there has been a significant improvement in government revenue as well, which has increased by four folds as violation tickets were given out not only to motorcycle owners who violated the emission law, but also to any other emission/traffic offenders (including those who drive vehicles, trucks, etc) that were caught at various checkpoints. Also, knowing the fact that the environmental protection authority is planning to employ more LPR/ANPR technology at various cities and counties, motorcycle owners are starting to obey the emission laws and are more prompt to take their motorcycles to the test center for smog check and maintenance.

As a whole, GeoVision LPR/ANPR solution has contributed to a cleaner air environment, reduced government operation costs, improved government revenue and regulatory efficiency, and promoted public compliance to the environmental, government, and transportation regulations. For more information on GeoVision's LPR/ANPR solution, please visit the website at:

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Press Contact: Alice Ko, Marketing

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