GeoVision GV-Mini DVR V2 Awarded Taiwan Excellence Symbol

Taipei Taiwan, July 13, 2007 - GeoVision Inc., the leading manufacturer in full frame rate digital surveillance system and hybrid network video encoder, has received another Taiwan Excellence Symbol for their GV-Mini DVR System V2 line. Taiwan External Trade Development Council conferred the Symbol of Excellence on GeoVision for the multifunctional Mini DVR V2 line, which comes with flexible selection from 6 models and a full coverage in video compression codecs, including the hardware compression systems GV-2008 V2 / GV-2004 V2, and the software compression systems GV-1480 V2 / GV-1240 V2 / GV1120 V2 / GV-800 V2.

Despite its small lightweight design, the GV-Mini DVR V2 is a powerful surveillance system that features 4, 8, or16 video and audio channels with a full frame rate of up to 480FPS (NTSC) or 400FPS (PAL). A variety of optional accessories including I/O, relay, and POS data capture are provided to reinforce the GV-Mini DVR System V2 in terms of integration and scalability.

The Taiwan Symbol of Excellence is conferred on the products that have presented innovation in R&D technologies, product design, quality, marketing strategy, and brand awareness. It also recognizes the overall achievements of a recipient company.

The GV-Mini DVR V2 is an all-in-one digital surveillance system built in with intelligent analytics video software. GeoVision's surveillance software can facilitate monitoring performance in search, detection, and automation. Key features include smart search, privacy mask, face detection, suspicious or missing object detection, scene change detection, visual automation, and virtual PTZ and I/O control.

Another key differentiator of the GV-Mini DVR V2 is the broad integration with point-of sale system, ATM machine, central monitoring station server, license plate recognition system, and access control system. The system can be deployed in a wide range of sectors to protect infrastructure in the buildings, healthcare centers, stores, plants, and residential areas. With the help of GeoVision DVR the security is not an issue, so users can just sit back relaxed.

The system is also designed with style and fashion. With the touch of elegance and simplicity, the GV-Mini DVR can be incorporated into any space without unbalancing the looks of surroundings. The front panel is kept clean and simple with only the frequently used functional icons.

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About GeoVision Inc.

GeoVision Inc., one of the security 50 companies, is a professional manufacturer of intelligent video surveillance systems. Known by the brand name GeoVision, we manufacture and distribute security surveillance systems to customers in more than 70 countries. GeoVision's distinct products and innovative technologies are USA and Taiwan patented.

GeoVision holds technical edges in state-of-the-art surveillance software, video/audio compression techniques, intelligent video analysis, and hardware enhancements. GeoVision's award-winning GV series surveillance products provide total security solutions for point-of-sale systems, license plate recognition systems, and central monitoring systems. With our advantages in video surveillance techniques, we are forging ahead to new fields of IP surveillance, video server, network video storage, access-control DVR, and video security service. For more information, visit

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