Gennum Unveils Industry's Most Robust, Long-Reach Equalizer for Broadcast Video Market

Next-Generation Adaptive Cable EQs Provide Cable Reach Beyond 200 Meters, Best-in-Class Density and Simplify Connector Options

BURLINGTON, ON, - Gennum Corporation (TSX: GND), a global leader in advanced signal integrity solutions for the broadcast video industry, today announced the addition of three new, next-generation 3Gb/s adaptive cable equalizers (EQs) to its innovative portfolio of broadcast solutions. Leveraging Gennum's leadership in adaptive cable EQ technology, the new GS3440 and its dual-output variant, the GS3441, uniquely combine the industry's longest reach with unprecedented jitter performance, while the new GS3442 high-density adaptive EQ is optimized for use in high-density multilane environments. All three solutions help to simplify the design and installation of broadcast systems.

Gennum's full range of broadcast video solutions will be demonstrated in booth (#N5823) at the NAB 2011 show, April 11-14 in Las Vegas.

Gennum's end-to-end expertise in modern broadcast systems results in performance-tested products that support the most demanding real-world scenarios. For example, as broadcasting applications--and the equipment required to run them--continue to proliferate, system designers are faced with many new challenges such as fitting more equipment into existing spaces, utilizing alternative connectors and thinner cables with more loss, or placing new equipment at longer distances. Gennum's new EQs meet both approaches to this challenge. The industry-leading reach and jitter performance of the new GS3440 and GS3441 deliver 3Gb/s, HD and SD video with outstanding signal integrity at extended distances, giving designers of broadcast systems greater flexibility in facilities design. The GS3442 high-density EQ is the optimal choice for multi-channel applications that utilize next-generation high-density connectors. Historically, high density, multichannel designs have resulted in an increase in signal interference known as crosstalk, the GS3442 minimizes crosstalk impact, giving broadcast equipment and system designers even more flexibility.

"Gennum's deep understanding of our customers' needs and applications puts us in a unique position to tackle the most demanding challenges in the broadcast video market," said Bharat Tailor, Director of Video Marketing for Gennum. "The long-reach performance of the new GS3440 and GS3441 and the high-density features of the new GS3442 grew out of the need for solutions that enable our customers to deliver industry-leading performance in real-world designs."

Industry's Longest-reach adaptive cable EQs

The GS3440's high-speed, low-power integrated circuit design equalizes and restores signals received over 75 ohm coaxial cable, delivering brilliant 3Gb/s images at distances beyond 200 meters. Designed for use in video routers and distribution amplifiers, the GS3440 helps meet the rigorous performance standards of today's broadcast applications while enabling equipment designers to specify longer maximum cable lengths for their systems. This increased flexibility expands functionality and simplifies design and installation issues for end users. Each of the devices is drop-in compatible with all of the EQs in Gennum's 3Gb/s equalizer family.

Offering automatic cable equalization and the best jitter compensation currently available in an extended-reach EQ, the GS3440 supports SMPTE ST 424, SMPTE ST 292 and SMPTE ST 259 coaxial cable serial digital interfaces and is optimized for performance at transmission rates of 270Mb/s, 1.485Gb/s and 2.97Gb/s.

Identical in performance to the GS3440, the new long-reach GS 3441 EQ adds an additional output, allowing for even greater flexibility in system design. In a router application, for example, the extra output can be used to drive additional or redundant crosspoint inputs without the need for additional components such as buffers, multiplexers or selectors. It could also be used to monitor an incoming source, again, minimizing the need for additional components. In both instances, the additional output reduces total system power, reduces cost and improves system jitter considerations, simplifying design.

High-density EQ for the latest connector technologies

Leveraging Gennum's unique understanding of customer applications, the new GS3442 high-density adaptive EQ was developed to address the need for an EQ that offers exceptional performance in high-density, multilane environments. The GS3442 is optimized for use with the latest generation of BNC connector options including HD-BNC, DIN 1.0/2.3 and Mini BNC connectors. The GS3442's low sensitivity to crosstalk also makes it an ideal choice for high-density connector solutions such as FCI Densishield(TM). It is designed to support SMPTE ST 424, SMPTE ST 292 and SMPTE ST 259, and is optimized for performance at 270Mb/s, 1.485Gb/s and 2.97Gb/s.

Solutions on display at NAB 2011

Gennum's industry-leading portfolio of SDI broadcast video solutions will be on display in booth #N5823 at NAB 2011. The demonstrations will include the GS3440 long-reach adaptive equalizer, showcasing its ability to maintain outstanding signal integrity in several real-world applications including 3Gb/s/HD signals, long cable lengths, long trace lengths, intermediate board connectors and utilizing a variety of widely-available cabling and connector solutions. In addition, a demonstration of high-density, multipin interconnect video distribution solutions will use Gennum's new GS3442 high-density adaptive equalizer and GS2988 cable driver to illustrate bit error free transmission using pathological test signals of 3Gb/s SDI across common multi-pin, high-density interconnects.


The GS3440 long-reach adaptive equalizer and its dual-output GS3441 variant are scheduled to sample in September of 2011 with initial production planned in 1Q 2012. The GS3442 is scheduled to sample July of 2011 with initial production planned in 4Q 2011.

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Gennum Corporation (TSX: GND) designs innovative semiconductor solutions and intellectual property (IP) cores to serve the rising global demand for high-speed data transmission products in the broadcast, networking, storage and telecommunications markets. Gennum offers proven optical, analog and mixed-signal solutions with uncompromising signal integrity to support standards such as high-definition (HD) video, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand®, Ethernet, SONET and PCI Express®. The company is headquartered in Burlington, Canada, and has global design, research and development and sales offices in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany, United States, Taiwan, India and the United Kingdom.

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