Gemini Bakery and KB systems Installs Multiple Conveying Line System for Guttenplan's

Guttenplan' s bakery is a longtime client of Gemini and KB Systems as  their business grew they needed to increase the plant's flour consumption and flour capacity. The plant is equipped with multiple indoor bulk storage bins feeding 8 horizontal mixers. We upgraded the existing bulk system from a single conveying line to a multiple conveying line system. We also added an additional weigh hopper for future expansion. These changes effectively doubled the system's flour rate capacity.

Each storage bin and conveying line is now an independent system. The mixer operators were previously only able to call for flour to one mixer at a time, now 2 mixer scale hoppers can be satisfied at the same time. A new dusting station was added  as well. The existing control panel was upgraded with a new Allen Bradley PLC.

About Gemini

Gemini Bakery Equipment Company was established in 1972 by its Chief Executive Officer, Mark Rosenberg. The Rosenberg family has been in the bakery equipment business for over 90 years with the establishment of Quaker City Products Company by Mr. Rosenberg's grandfather.

Gemini is one of the largest suppliers of specialty processing and baking systems for the baking industry in North America. We provide a full range of equipment from flour and ingredient systems manufactured by our KB systems division, dough processing equipment as well as semi- and fully-automated proofing and baking systems.

Gemini has maintained long-term relationships with hundreds of specialty bakers since the "early days". We have grown along with our clients, whose own businesses continue to grow and prosper.


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