Gear Oils have viscosities from ISO 100 to ISO 460.

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Molykote(R) synthetic gear oils include anti-oxidant additives, polyalpha olefin (PAO) oils, PAO blends with ultra-high purity (UHP) mineral oils, and neat UHP mineral oils. They resist emulsification in hot, humid, and wet operating environments. Made by chemically building molecules from hydrocarbon, oils feature identical, strong molecular bonds in saturated molecular structure. Kosher-approved oils are available in pour points down to -31 deg F.

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Synthetic Gear Oils From Dow Corning Offer 3X Extended Drain Intervals Over Conventional Lubricants

Molykote(R) Gear Oils Offer 17% Power Savings, Increased Resistance to Emulsification Vs. Conventional Oils

MIDLAND, MICH. (March 25, 2002) - Synthetic gear oils that can extend drain intervals three times over conventional mineral oils while reducing power consumption by as much as 17% in worm gear boxes are available from Dow Coming.

The extended drain interval of Molykote(R) Brand synthetic gear oils is possible due to proprietary anti-oxidant additives and a manufacturing process that eliminates impurities that lead to degradation of the oil. Power savings result from the more efficient lubricating properties of synthetic oils, which typically reduces the amount of horsepower that is required to achieve the desired level of torque.

The Molykote synthetic gear oils are designed for use in worm, helical, spur, bevel, hypoid, and rack & pinion applications-virtually any gearbox application-and meet or exceed most equipment OEM lubrication requirements. These oils are part of the company's family of gear oils that are comprised of polyalpha olefin (PAO) oils, PAO blends with ultra-high purity (UEIP) mineral oils, and neat UHP mineral oils.

This family of engineered oils provides superior performance under heavy loads, frequent startups, and applications with high mechanical shock. Due to their unique chemistry and a proprietary anti-oxidant additive package, Molykote(R) Brand gear oils resist emulsification better than conventional lubricants-particularly in hot, humid climates or wet operating environments such as those found in the food processing or pulp & paper industries. The result is lower overall maintenance costs and effort vs. typical mineral oil based lubricants.

Ultra-High Purity Oils Reduce Wear
The reason Molykote gear oils provide better performance in gearbox applications is because they are produced differently from conventional fluids. Mineral oils are typically produced using a solvent-based refining process, which retains a significant amount of impurities that can provide many sites for oxidation to occur, as well as cause acid development and premature aging of the oil. With these considerations in mind, at the operating temperature range of 60-71° (140-160°F), the lifetime of a mineral-based lubricant is cut in half by every 11°C (20°F) increase in temperature. And, as a mineral oil degrades, the by-products of its breakdown may cause varnish build-up on the internal metal surfaces, which reduces lubricity.

By comparison, Molykote synthetic lubricants and ultra-high purity mineral oils are made by chemically building complex molecules from hydrocarbon "building blocks" that feature identical, strong molecular bonds in a saturated molecular structure. This structure produces ultra-high purity oils that provide increased resistance to oxygen attack and reduced heat-generated friction. In addition, the saturated molecules that result from this process have no sites to attract water, so the oil is better able to resist emulsification in high-moisture environments than competitive fluids. As a result, the resistance to oxidation and emulsification offered by Molykote gear oils results in longer service life, more efficient lubrication, and reduced formation of undesirable by-products in the lubricant.

The improved lubricant performance and increased gearbox efficiencies associated with the performance of Molykote(R) Brand synthetic lubricants offers several benefits. They reduce component wear by achieving full lubrication at start-up more quickly than mineral oils. The energy that would have been lost to friction is saved, which reduces costs due to lower power consumption. And, reduced friction results in lower operating temperatures so gearboxes operate cooler, which means that the lubricant may last even longer than its rated lifetime.

Molykote gear oils are available in grades that are formulated in accordance with FDA Regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 for food-grade lubricants with incidental food contact. Additionally, the Molykote family has an extensive listing of Kosher-approved oils. These gear lubricants are available in pour points down to -35°C (-31°F), with a range of viscosities from ISO 100 to ISO 460 (SAE 80 to 140).

Molykote gear lubricants contain a highly effective proprietary antioxidant, plus anti-wear ingredients and a proprietary aging marker that provides precise information about the condition of the oil through sample analysis.

Dow Corning Industrial Lubrication Solutions Program
The gear oils are part of the "Dow Coming Industrial Lubrication Solutions Program." Introduced early in 2001, the program offers a comprehensive package of lubricants and related services designed to help customers reduce overall maintenance costs, extend equipment life, and simplify the purchasing process by consolidating all lubrication-related activities with one supplier.

The program features the introduction of 42 new industrial fluids that are marketed under the Molykote brand name; an oil-analysis service; and lubrication-management software. The new offering complements the company's traditional line of Dow Corning(R) Brand industrial lubricants and related services to that meet virtually every plant lubrication need.

With the addition of its new line of Molykote(R) Brand fluids to its line of Dow Corning(R) Brand industrial lubricants, the company now offers the most complete selection available to meet virtually every industrial plant lubrication requirement. The selection includes synthetic and ultra-high-purity mineral-oil fluids, specialty lubricant compounds, greases, pastes, anti-friction coatings, and dispersions.

A typical industrial customer who consolidates with this product and service package may expect to achieve six categories of benefits, including:

- Better return on capital investment through longer machine life;

- Improved overall productivity through extended fill intervals;

- Streamlined inventory through elimination of items with similar properties;

- Better preventative maintenance through integrated oil analysis;

- Better equipment performance through selection and quality of lubricant; and

- More effective maintenance management through better informed decision-making.

This package of Dow Corning and Molykote lubricants and services is being implemented as a comprehensive lubricant consolidation program through Dow Corning's channel partners that comprise over 3000 field locations.

Dow Corning currently offers more than 7,000 products to customers around the world. Dow Corning is a global leader in silicon-based materials with shares equally owned by The Dow Chemical Company and Corning Incorporated. More than half of Dow Corning's sales are outside the United States. Molykote has been a well-known brand for industrial lubrication throughout Europe and Asia since the 1950s.

For more information about Molykote(R) Brand gear oils, the complete line of Molykote(R) Brand and Dow Corning(R) Brand high-performance industrial lubricants, or the Dow Coming Industrial Lubrication Solutions Program as well as product literature, contact, or call +1.800.637.5377.

(R) Molykote and Dow Corning are registered trademarks of Dow Coming Corporation.

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