Gear Hardening System utilizes simultaneous dual frequencies.

Press Release Summary:

Simultaneous Dual Frequency Induction Gear Hardening System is designed for heat treating medium-sized gears and can be used for single-shot hardening of powertrain components. With total power exceeding 1,200 kW, system has 10 kHz and 120-400 kHz frequency modules that work simultaneously or in any desired sequence. It has water recirculation system, high-speed servo spindle drive, and aluminum splash door with safety interlock switch/light curtains, controlled via touchscreen interface.

Original Press Release:

Inductoheat Ships Simultaneous Dual Frequency System

Inductoheat, Inc. shipped a new Simultaneous Dual Frequency (SDF) Induction Gear Hardening System to a leading supplier of automotive engine and powertrain components. This machine was designed specifically for heat treating a medium size gear.

The Inductoheat's SDF system is rugged and can be used for high-volume single shot hardening of several powertrain components dramatically minimizing distortion of heat treated parts and providing superior hardness pattern with favorable distribution of residual stresses.

The total power exceeds 1,200kW comprising a medium frequency (10kHz) and high frequency (120kHz - 400kHz) modules working simultaneously or in any sequence desirable to optimize properties of the gears heat-treated using this unique technology.

Utilization of the standard platforms for manufacturing medium and high frequency modules substantially reduces the cost of SDF systems.

Allen Bradley controls with PC touch screen operator interface offers superior process control and monitoring capabilities assuring the highest quality and repeatability of any induction system. Integrated closed-loop, water recirculation system reuses water for quenching and cooling.

Other features include:

o High-speed servo spindle drive for precise control of rotation speed during heat and quench.

o Heavy-duty aluminum splash door with safety interlock switch and light curtains.

o Robust system components with advanced QA, precise position control and safety measures.

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