GE Technology Helps MOL Danube Plant Earn Plant of the Year Award

GE Valve Positioners and ValVue OVD Software Enhance Site-wide Maintenance of Valves at Plant, Increasing Operational Reliability

MILAN, ITALY - The MOL Plc Danube Refinery has been named HART's Plant of the Year. GE's (NYSE: GE) ValVue Online Valve Diagnostic (OVD) software technology-used in conjunction with HART communication technology-has helped improve overall operational reliability at MOL's Danube plant.

Supported by cutting-edge supply-chain optimization, MOL Group is the only refiner of petroleum products in Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia. MOL's Danube Refinery has conducted crude distillation since 2001 and is the only Hungarian MOL refinery to do so. MOL's Danube plant is a complex refinery with deep conversion units, allowing for a high yield of motor fuels and other valuable products generated from heavy and sour crudes.

"HART technology is widely used with control valves at MOL Danube for carrying out daily maintenance tasks. Masoneilan positioners and the ValVue OVD software make our maintenance processes even more efficient," said Gábor Bereznai, head of MOL's Instrumentation and Electrical Department. "GE understands that customers like MOL need flexible technology that integrates across all valve platforms, regardless of the manufacturer. Through the use of non-intrusive diagnostics, GE's products help to increase the overall operational reliability of MOL's Danube Refinery."

GE products, including Masoneilan digital valve positioners, HART level instruments and ValVue OVD software, have helped enhance MOL's plant efficiency by monitoring the health degradation of control valves and level instruments before it impacts process control. The ValVue OVD software enables the capture and analysis of data across all control valve systems and offers customers the flexibility to monitor and diagnose control valves without disturbing the production process.

"We congratulate MOL Danube Refinery on this award," said Anne McEntee, president-dresser products for GE Energy Services. "Companies around the globe are looking for technology like this to help them deliver efficient operations that meet their business goals."

In conjunction with existing offline asset management processes, ValVue OVD software uses built-in artificial intelligence capable of automatically computing key performance indicators and comparing retrieved data against expected performance statistics. ValVue OVD's user-friendly root cause analysis reporting capabilities allow customers to easily understand and interpret valve performance.

As a part of GE's Masoneilan Smart portfolio, ValVue OVD software helps increase total plant revenue in MOL's Danube plant by enhancing control accuracy, resolution sensitivity, interoperability with the DCS and reduced process variability. Better product reliability also helps to lower installation, start-up and maintenance costs.

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