GE's New LM6000 PG Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Exceeds Performance Goals in Rigorous Testing

ATLANTA, GA.-October 19, 2009-Exceeding expected performance standards, GE Energy's next generation LM6000 PG aeroderivative gas turbine successfully completed rigorous validation testing at the GE Aviation test site in Evandale, Ohio. The successful testing marks a major milestone for the program prior to entering commercial operation later in 2010. This next generation of the LM6000 offers customers a 25% simple-cycle power increase and an 18% boost in exhaust energy for cogeneration applications. "The successful launch and testing of the LM6000 PG represent a great collaborative effort across many business functions and reinforces our commitment to developing and providing diversified, efficient, reliable, low emission power generation technologies that help our customers meet their changing power generation needs," said Darryl Wilson, president and CEO of GE Energy's aeroderivative business. The early part of the validation test focused on validating all 1,600 instruments that are in place to monitor and validate the mechanical integrity of the engine. The gas turbine was first operated at various speeds and airflow conditions to break-in key components and to map out the operational envelop of the machine. Testing progressed to assess engine performance operating on gas fuel only, with water injection for NOx control added later. The first engine to test (FETT) exceeded the expected max output of 53.2 MW (corrected ISO conditions) with 41% efficiency and NOx levels at 25 ppm. Upon completion of testing with gas and water, the program switched to operation on diesel fuel, where various configurations were tested; such as water injection for emissions control and for power augmentation. The unit was also tested for the mechanical drive application for the oil and gas industry, where it is envisioned the LM6000 PG can be applied drive liquefied natural gas (LNG) compressors. The LM6000 PH, the dry low emissions equivalent of the LM6000 PG, is progressing as planned in its development cycle and is expected to enter validation testing in July of 2010. The LM6000 PG and LM6000 PH will provide combined cycle power in the range of 65 megawatts with efficiencies ranging from 52% to more than 55%, depending on selected emissions control methods. The power increase comes from the same 4.5m x 21.5m package footprint as existing 50 Hz LM6000 technology, yielding a power density improvement of nearly 20%. Leveraging a product heritage of over 735 installed units and 16 million operating hours with over 99% reliability, the improved combined cycle efficiency of the LM6000 PG and LM6000 PH can reduce fuel consumption by the equivalent of 33,000 barrels of oil per year, when compared to other similar aeroderivative solutions in its class. GE's LM6000 uprate also reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 6,500 tons over the course of a typical operating year-the same emissions reduction achieved by removing 2,500 cars from the road annually. The first production LM6000 PG engine is schedule to ship February 2010 from Evendale, Ohio, and will be installed at Turlock Irrigation District's Almond Power Plant located near Turlock, Calif. This launch site will enter commercial operation with the first three LM6000 PG engines in the second quarter of 2011. About GE Energy
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