GCi(TM) First to Adopt New G2B Industry Specifications for Easy and Rapid Sales of Digital Cable Services

GCi Platform Offers Retailers and Service Providers Most Advanced Technology Available for Connecting Consumers with Cable System Operators

BOSTON, June 19 - GetConnected, Inc. (GCi), developer of the market-leading commerce engine driving the sale of digital services, today announced it is the first commerce platform to deploy new Go2BroadbandSM (G2B) specifications aimed at helping retailers and service providers more easily and rapidly sell services offered by multiple cable systems operators (MSOs) throughout the country.

G2B is a service of Cable Television Laboratories (CableLabs®), a non- profit research and development consortium, providing Internet-based electronic commerce tools to link its affiliates with MSO members. The GCi commerce engine offers end-to-end order management of digital services, enabling top retailers, manufacturers, content and service providers to reduce operating costs and provide consumers with a simplified buying experience. By adopting G2B's new 4.1 messaging system specifications, GCi is able to bring its customers the foremost technology solution for identifying and ordering those cable services available to consumers at their specific geographic location.

Amongst the new G2B specifications is a customer authentication/authorization feature that would enable GCi customers, on behalf of consumers, to provide MSOs with personal data for credit checks and ID verification. MSOs would also be able to include eligibility information such as a consumer's account number, credit class and deposit as part of the order submission functionality. Additionally, an improved installation feature allows components of a bundled offer to be scheduled independently or together.

"The 4.1 release of the G2B messaging system represents the cable industry's on-going commitment to customer service, reliability, and ease of use," said Jenifer Cistola, Vice President of G2B at Cable Labs. "GCi's swift adoption of these new specifications demonstrates its commitment to providing the most advanced, effective technology possible."

"CableLabs should be credited with introducing measures that benefit the consumer and those involved in providing digital services," said Ali I. Riaz, president and chief executive officer of GCi. "GCi shares the G2B goal of facilitating and simplifying ordering and we are pleased to adopt specifications that will further enable us to bring retailers, manufacturers and MSOs the most advanced solution for doing so."

GCi's commerce engine optimizes the integration and relationships between retailers, digital product manufacturers and service providers. By streamlining sales, and the complicated transaction process, the GCi platform provides a powerful means to help consumers determine and purchase the best digital products and services available in their geographic region. Ultimately, this drives sales for retailers, manufacturers and service providers who can now capitalize on consumer interest from the point of sale and through product installation and activation.

About GCi

By simplifying the connection between consumers and service offerings, GCi enables merchants and providers to efficiently sell services to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Integrating and aggregating more than 25 of the largest providers, with a current catalog of over 500 services, GCi's GetConnected Commerce Engine provides an end-to-end order management system that enables retailers, e-tailers and call centers to increase sales of video, voice, data, entertainment, software and related services through a multi-channel, personalized customer-centric experience.

Customers include merchants such as AOL, Best Buy, Circuit City, Dell, RadioShack and Crutchfield. Partners include providers such as AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and Time Warner Cable. GCi is headquartered in Boston, MA. For more information, please visit our web site at http://www.getconnected.com/.

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