Gateway offers proactive cell phone virus protection.

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Featuring HOFA(TM) Hostile Operation Flow Analysis technology, Aladdin eSafe Mobile Content Security Gateway is situated in mobile operator's center between Internet and cellular provider network. It inspects content of mobile MMS messages and mobile WAP traffic as well as HTTP and SMTP content before it reaches cellular phone. HOFA creates strict logic model of malware's execution flow, guaranteeing nearly 100% proactive recognition of malware family.

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Aladdin eSafe's New 'HOFA' Technology Offers World's First Proactive Cell Phone Virus Protection

Major Italian cellular provider and largest Israeli cellular provider choose Aladdin eSafe Mobile Content Security Gateway

CHICAGO, April 12 / -- Aladdin Knowledge Systems (NASDAQ:ALDN), the leader in Software DRM, identity management and content security solutions, today announced that the Aladdin eSafe Mobile Content Security Gateway (MCSG) for mobile operators now includes a new, patent pending Hostile Operation Flow Analysis (HOFA(TM)) technology that stands as the first proactive virus protection for cell phones. The release of this new technology accompanies fast-increasing adoption among mobile operators. A major Italian cellular provider and the largest Israeli cellular provider recently selected Aladdin eSafe MCSG for comprehensive, gateway-based content protection for their customers.

Unlike most mobile antivirus solutions which reside on the handset, eSafe MCSG is situated in the mobile operator's center between the Internet and the cellular provider network. Aladdin's eSafe inspects the content of mobile MMS messages and mobile WAP traffic as well as HTTP and SMTP content before it reaches the cellular phone. Testing of eSafe MCSG with the new HOFA technology resulted in 100 percent proactive detection and blocking of the three most common Symbian malware families: SymbOS.Cabir, SymbOS.Skulls and SymbOS.Commwar.

The HOFA technology, based on research by the Aladdin eSafe Content Security Response Team (CSRT), is a new addition to eSafe's existing sophisticated code emulation that inspects executable code in real time. HOFA adds proactive security by identifying malicious code with the first variant, blocking all of its descendents. Instead of creating regular signatures, HOFA creates a strict logic model of the malware's execution flow. This guarantees nearly 100-percent proactive recognition of a malware family.

"eSafe MCSG's new HOFA technology empowers cell phone carriers with a new level of confidence by providing proactive blocking of mobile malware," said Shimon Gruper, vice president of technologies for the Aladdin eSafe Business Unit. "HOFA technology eliminates the lag time between detecting a new outbreak, and releasing an update -- a service never-before available to the industry. While most anti-virus and other security vendors remain reactive in their approach to this fast-growing mobile threat, Aladdin eSafe once again stands as an innovative solution that provides unmatched, zero-day protection."

About Aladdin eSafe MCSG
Aladdin eSafe MCSG is an integrated gateway content security solution specifically designed to protect cellular networks against new and emerging virus threat.

Among Aladdin eSafe MCSG features are:
-- Anti-virus engine that identifies and blocks all Symbian, J2ME, PalmOS, and Windows Mobile/CE malicious code
-- Identifies and blocks malicious code in all MMS formats (MM1/MM3/MM4/MM7)
-- Full WAP traffic inspection for mobile and PC malicious code
-- Multi-layered anti-spam and phishing prevention for email messages
-- High throughput to support millions of subscribers
-- Built-in load balancing and fail-over
-- OutbreakSentry system for MMS and mobile Internet traffic
-- 24x7 security service with timely updates for new mobile threats

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About Aladdin
Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd. is a global provider of security solutions that reduce software theft, authenticate network users and protect against unwanted Internet and e-mail content, including spam, viruses and spyware. Its security products are organized into two segments: Software Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Enterprise Security. Aladdin's Software DRM products allow software publishers to protect their intellectual property and increase revenues by reducing losses from software theft and piracy. Its Enterprise Security solutions enable organizations to secure their information technology assets by controlling who has access to their networks (authentication) and what content their users can utilize (content security). Visit the Aladdin Web site at

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