Gate Cutters gently cut across molecules.

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Eliminating violent pulling apart of molecules, IMS Heated Gate Cutters allow large gates to be cut with minimal stress on part and on worker by reducing most cracking, fracturing, and whitening around gates, leaving smooth surface. Precision temperature controller holds temperature steady, while foamed insulation keeps handles cool. Engineered from scratch to be heated, units have field-replaceable components including blades.

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Unique IMS Heated Gate Cutters Allow Cleaner, Easier Gate Cutting

July 23, 2008

Chagrin Falls, Ohio...Heated Gate Cutters are once again available from IMS Company, a leading provider of quality products for the plastics processing market.

Reintroduced in response to multiple processor requests, IMS Heated Gate Cutters allow large gates to be cut gently with minimal stress on the part and on the worker. They eliminate most cracking, fracturing and whitening around gates - leaving a smooth surface. Processor profitability increases because difficult jobs can be run, less scrap is created, and worker efficiency improves.

IMS Heated Gate Cutters gently cut across the molecules instead of violently pulling the molecules apart - more like hot knives and less like an ax. Fewer stresses are left in the part, and a smoother cut is made. Workers avoid the forceful snap transferred to the wrist by standard cutters. There is less fatigue, and the likelihood of injury is reduced - with its human and financial costs.

These premium cutters were engineered from scratch to be heated - unlike standard cutters with heaters added on. The joint works smoothly when hot. The precision temperature controller holds the temperature steady. Foamed insulation keeps the handles cool.

IMS Heated Gate Cutters last indefinitely. The hot blades last longer due to creating less friction against the part, but are easily removed and sharpened when needed. All components - including the blades - are field-replaceable. The standard straight-cut Heated Gate Cutter kit is just $525. The 45º cutter kit is $653.

About IMS Company

IMS Company, headquartered in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, has been providing accessory equipment and supplies to the plastics processing industry for over 50 years. The company specializes in helping customers find innovative solutions to all types of plastics processing problems. In addition to providing quality molding accessories, equipment, and refurbishing services, IMS offers a toll-free hotline for engineering and technical support.

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