Gas Ignition Controls - Intermittent Pilot

9/14/2006 Ashland, The new Fenwal Series 35-63 Intermittent Pilot (IP) Gas Ignition Controls for 24 VAC power are now in production. They are specifically designed for HVAC, commercial cooking equipment, boilers, furnaces and other gas fired applications using the "spark-to-pilot" technique.

The Fenwal Series 35-63 IP Gas Ignition Controls are microprocessor-based for precise, repeatable timing sequences configurable to 120 seconds TFI. Available in either local or remote flame sense, they are polarity insensitive for easy installation. Reset from lockout is either automatic or by recycling the thermostat. Standard flame sense current pins and LED blink codes from the on-board diagnostics simplify troubleshooting. Factory programmed designs are available for sensing pilot flames in hard-to-light environments such as where the pilot flame may be weak or affected by wind such in as rooftop HVAC units.

Designed and certified to CSA requirements, the Fenwal 35-63 controls the pilot and main gas valves, fires the spark electrode and continuously monitors the flame to safely ignite and operate LP or natural gas fired equipment. For 120 VAC applications, Fenwal offers the same capabilities in the Series 35-73. Available mounting configurations are open board assembly or with case & cover. The case & cover design allows surface mounting or is secured to a standard 4" square electrical box with two screws.

Free samples configured for specific application requirements are available directly from Fenwal's manufacturing facility in Ashland, Massachusetts to qualified OEMs. Detailed literature can be found at Pricing in production volumes is available upon request

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