Gas Flow Computer applies Coriolis mass flow technology.

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Micro Motion® Model 3711 gas flow computer uses MVD(TM) technology to deliver gas measurement data in compliance with API MPMS Chapter 21.1 and AGA8-92 world standards. It combines flow computer with user's choice of Coriolis meters for flow measurement of pure gas or gas mixture with uncertainty of less than 0.5%. With features such as digital flow analysis and PID flow control, unit suits applications such as allocation metering/control and industrial metering.

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Emerson Introduces First Gas Flow Computer that Applies Coriolis Mass Flow Accuracy to Fiscal Gas Measurement

Micro Motion® Model 3711, using MVD(TM) technology, offers a compact, cost effective and high performance solution

AUSTIN, TEXAS (February 13, 2006) -- Emerson Process Management introduces the new Micro Motion® Model 3711 gas flow computer, the first gas flow computer to use and benefit from the accuracy of Coriolis direct mass flow measurement. Using Micro Motion patented MVD(TM) (multivariable digital) technology, the system delivers gas measurement data in compliance with API MPMS Chapter 21.1, and in accordance with AGA8-92 world standards. The new 3711 solution expands the field intelligence power of Emerson's PlantWeb® digital architecture.

The Micro Motion 3711 gas flow computer combines a sophisticated flow computer with the user's choice of Micro Motion Coriolis meters, enabling flow measurement of any pure gas or gas mixture with a total uncertainty of less than 0.5%. Because Micro Motion Coriolis measurement makes possible a large flow range, and is accurate across a wide spectrum of process and ambient conditions, one Micro Motion 3711 device can replace banks of meters of differing sizes and narrower ranges.

The Micro Motion 3711 gas flow computer contains physical property data for all gases specified in current world standards. As a result, the system can measure pure or unusual gases or mixtures that are not included in AGA8-92, with measurement accuracy unattainable by other technologies. Gas properties can be specified using the customized configuration and management tool provided by Micro Motion, or real-time data can be read from an on-line gas chromatograph such as a Daniel® Danalyzer® or a Rosemount® Analytical Model 700 gas chromatograph.

Applications ideal for the Micro Motion 3711 gas flow computer include city and industrial gate stations, wellhead flow and pressure monitoring, and custody transfer of purified gases, unusual gas mixtures, or natural gas. The system is also recommended for compressor fuel gas measurement, allocation metering and control, industrial metering, and separator off gas measurement.

For existing facilities, the Model 3711 gas flow computer can help manage escalating maintenance costs, reduce requirements for measurement and maintenance personnel and training, and meet the challenge of accurately delivering a wide range of product over wide swings in demand. For new facilities, the Model 3711 gas flow computer offers improved measurement with reduced installation costs.

Micro Motion Coriolis technology enables lower installed costs because the Coriolis meter is relatively immune to process conditions, thereby eliminating the need for flow conditioning or straight pipe runs. Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeters do not require external temperature or pressure measurement devices. In addition, maintenance costs are lower because Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeters rarely suffer from mechanical damage, and operation costs are lower because Coriolis calibration stability is high, as shown in the field over many years and many different applications, including gas. In contrast, other measurement technologies typically require some form of flow conditioning, an array of separate measurement devices for the correction of process data to reference conditions, and frequent on-site inspection, calibration, and repair or replacement due to mechanical wear or damage.

Other standard features of the Micro Motion 3711 gas flow computer from Emerson include digital flow analysis, PID flow control, sampler control, injector control, integral temperature measurement, automatic and configurable history, automatic event and alarm logging, and on-line diagnostics. The gas flow computer supports local or remote access over an RS-232 or dial-up modem connection, using standard Modbus or proprietary ROC protocol. The hardware is designed for installation in harsh oil field environments, with explosion-proof weather-tight housing and a small footprint. Low power requirements enable the use of solar power as an alternate power source. Compliance with additional standards (GOST 30319.2-96, SGERG-91, GPA 2172 and 2145, and ISO 6976) will be offered in future releases.

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