Gas Chromatography (GC) System supports custom applications.

Press Release Summary:

Configurable based on application, GenTech Solutions™ chassis accommodates up to 3 detectors and 3 injection units. End users can choose optional devices such as gas sampling valves, auxiliary ovens, and switching valves to suit methods. Controlling GC and collecting data is straightforward with Clarity™ Work Station via LAN. To cover wide range of applications, GenTech Solutions GC™ can be coupled with GenTech Solutions™ MS-TOF,  Headspace Sampler, Autosampler, or TD Thermal Desorber.

Original Press Release:

GenTech Scientific, Inc. Announces New Product Line for Custom Applications

Arcade, NY – For over 16 years, scientists with big dreams and small budgets have relied on GenTech Scientific, Inc. for quality refurbished instrumentation. Maintaining its trusted, “value-added,” service to the global scientific community, GenTech Scientific proudly introduces its new GenTech Solutions™ line, the answer for all applications! 

“With the launch of the GenTech Solutions™ platform, GenTech Scientific has an opportunity to make significant breakthroughs in the ‘new’ world class applications and analytical instrumentation markets, especially in the fields of gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS),” explains Rick Mendolera, GenTech’s Sales/Marketing Manager.

Chemists configure their GenTech Solutions™ GC system based upon their applications. The new GenTech Solutions™ GC surpasses the Agilent Series of GCs in feature and function. These GCs are easy to use and will ramp up results with Fast GC Technology!

Up to three detectors and three injection units mount on the chassis. The GenTech Solutions™ comprehensive line offers a wide range of injectors and highly sensitive detectors with Digital Pressure Control (DPC). End users choose optional devices such as gas sampling valves, auxiliary ovens and switching valves to suit their methods. Controlling the GC and collecting data is straightforward with Clarity™ Work Station via LAN.

Couple the GenTech Solutions GC™ with a new GenTech Solutions™ MS-TOF, a GenTech Solutions™ Headspace Sampler, a GenTech Solutions™ Autosampler, or a GenTech Solutions™ TD Thermal Desorber to cover a wide range of applications. “The time is right to provide a methods and application platform solution in the GC market that makes us more responsible to chemists in the Environmental, Food and Beverage, Biodiesel, Pharmaceutical and Forensic markets by providing an economical “new” analytical instrument solution. We think this can be a game changer for all of the industries we serve,” affirms Mr. Mendolera.

The GenTech Solutions™ GC system, and available options, provides an economical solution with accuracy, reliability and outstanding repeatability.

GenTech Scientific, Inc. encourages scientists to work smarter – not harder – by offering GenTech Solutions™. Their new custom platform, including the GenTech Solutions™ GC system, will increase the productivity of analysis.

GenTech Scientific, Inc. is the world leader in service and sales of quality new and refurbished GCs, LCs, Mass Spectrometers, ICPs and electron microscopes, customized training, PM and OQ/PQ.  All pre-owned instruments are fully refurbished at our facility in Arcade, NY and are delivered and installed with a full warranty and lifetime support.  

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