Gas Burners are available with radial ring design.

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Suited for heating and melting applications, Radial Ring Burner is gas-fired and constructed of cast iron. Buzzer ring burner, offered as alternative to burners stamped out of sheet metal, suits applications where resistance to radiated heat or high temperatures are required. Diameters from 6 in. (30,000 BTUH) to 21 in. (270,000 BTUH) are available. Rated at 75,000 BTUH, 308 radial ring burner has shut-off valve, pilot burner, cast iron stand, and safety valve.

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Simple and Efficient Gas Burners with Radial Ring

Charles A. Hones Inc. manufactures a wide range of all types and sizes of melters, furnaces and burners. Because we build each furnace in house and to order, we can easily customize dimensions, BTU outputs, and accessories. Hones now expands its gas burner offerings by introducing a Radial Ring Burner for heating and melting applications.

Our radial all cast iron burner for heating tanks, vats, cookers, cleaning tanks, rinse tanks, and many industrial and commercial applications. The Buzzer ring burner will outlast and outperform mass-produced burners stamped out of sheet metal when resistance to radiated heat or high temperatures are required. Sizes from 6" diameter (30,000 BTUH) to 21" diameter (270,000 BTUH) available.

Our 308 radial ring burner rated @ 75,000 BTUH has a shut-off valve, pilot burner, cast iron stand and safety valve (100% shut-off). Some applications include: kettle heating, water heating, vat and tank heating, metal melting, and lead melting. Industries include micro brewing, heat exchangers and food processing.

We have evolved into a successful niche operator, supplying casting ovens, small heat treat ovens, melting equipment, forging equipment and gas burners to tackle heating projects ranging from black oxide tanks to pottery kilns, crucible pre-heating to lobster cookers. We specialize in designs which take full advantage of our wellcrafted Venturi air mixers to provide intense heat without the noise and complicated piping of forced air.

Whether it's Oven Furnaces, Salt Bath Furnaces, Round or Rectangular Melters or Gas Burners, we are your premium single source for "The Buzzer" heating equipment. Call Charles A. Hones for all your application needs or visit us at

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