Gas Boosters deliver pressures up to 36,000 psi.

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Capable of providing pressures of 25,000, 30,000, and 36,000 psi, Maximator ultra high pressure gas boosters provide alternative to high pressure stationary type compressors for industries that require high pressure gas testing. Design does not require any electrical power or lubrication, promoting flexibility and efficiency. Ultra-high pressure, double acting, 2-stage, double and triple air head models provide optimal combination of pressure and compression ratios.

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Ultra High Pressure Gas Boosters from Maximator

Fairview, PA – Maxpro Technologies introduced the Maximator ultra high pressure gas boosters.  These boosters are capable of providing pressures of 25,000 psi, 30,0000 psi and 36,000 psi, making them ideal for industries that require very high pressure gas testing.

Maximator gas boosters are an excellent alternative to high pressure stationary type compressors.  These boosters offer a compact, lightweight design that requires no electrical power or lubrication, thereby providing a more flexible and efficient source for delivering high pressure gas. 

For the greatest combination of pressure and compression ratios, the ultra-high pressure, double acting-two stage-double and triple air head models are ideal.

Maxpro Technologies is the North American distributor of Maximator gas boosters, air amplifiers, liquid pumps and high pressure valves and fittings. Maxpro also designs and manufactures various pressure systems utilizing these Maximator power products as the main power source.

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