Gas Analyzers offer turnkey analytical capability.

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Titan industrial FTIR systems perform real-time, multi-component, extractive gas phase analysis in various applications. Industrial spectrometer is packaged with externally mounted, corrosion-resistant gas cells with pathlengths from 1-30 m. Thermal isolation from spectrometer allows operation from ambient to 240°C. Product features dual ADC architecture, mirror drive control electronics, AutoQuant Pro(TM) software package, and digital spectral library.

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Titan Gas Analyzers


Extractive Gas Analysis including:

o Permitting and Site Characterization

o Process Gas Optimization and Control

o Emissions Analysis

o Research

Titan industrial FTIR systems provide real-time, multi-component extractive gas phase analysis for applications including industrial hygiene, CEM, process optimization/control, specialty gas QC, and research. The rugged industrial spectrometer is packaged with externally mounted, corrosion-resistant gas cells. Cell pathlengths range from 1cm to 30meters. Thermal isolation from the spectrometer allows operation from ambient to 240° C, allowing moist sample streams to be analyzed without condensation.

Titan gas analyzers feature new dual ADC architecture and advanced mirror drive control electronics. Combined with customized InSb detectors for ultimate sensitivity, these systems can achieve low ppb detection levels for a variety of compounds, including formaldehyde, in real world conditions.

MIDAC's powerful new AutoQuant Pro(TM) software package is optimized for quantitative gas phase analysis and can provide simultaneous display of trend charts, IR spectra, and concentration tables. MIDAC's Standards digital spectral library, which contains over 150 of the EPA's HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants), completes the Titan package for turnkey analytical capability.

Online, multi-stream models are available with NEMA rated enclosures and fully automated valve control for unattended operation. In addition, systems can be equipped with pneumatic optical switching between sample cells to accommodate the need for different sample pathlengths or to prevent cross-contamination.

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