Garlock Valve Stem Packing Tested to API 622 Fugitive Emissions Standard

Garlock Sealing Technologies, a leader in fluid sealing technology for more than 100 years, has successfully tested its Style 1303-FEP valve stem packing for compliance with the newly adopted API 622 Fugitive Emissions Standard. Measured leakage confirmed the packing meets the requirements of the most stringent U.S. state air quality laws and consent decrees. Yarmouth Laboratories, an independent testing facility in Yarmouth, Maine, conducted two iterations of the test.

The new API 622 standard reflects the unique operating environment in today's hydrocarbon processing facilities. Using methane as the medium, the test subjected the Garlock Style 1303-FEP packing to three thermal cycles, from ambient to 500° F (260° C) and back again, simulating the real-world challenge of processing different grades of crude oil through the same equipment. To model the minimum desired packing life in difficult refinery environments, Yarmouth Laboratories also conducted 1,500 actuation cycles at 600 psig (41 bar).

The 5-ring Garlock Style 1303-FEP packing sets exhibited exceptionally low leakage rates, averaging just 41 PPMv and 53 PPMv in the two iterations of the test. Refineries can obtain engineered set performance from this fire- safe, spooled braided packing without the time and expense of having to measure the valves. As such, it shortens turnaround windows by providing a more timely and cost-effective "build-in-place" repacking solution.

Additionally, 1303-FEP carries a five-year warranty, assuring continued compliance from turnaround-to-turnaround and eliminating the costs associated with on-line leak sealing, environmental penalties and valve replacement.

For a complete copy of the Garlock 1303-FEP performance tests, contact Chris Boss or Josh Bates at (800) 448-6688.

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