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Galvanic Isolator improves serial scan interference immunity.

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Galvanic Isolator improves serial scan interference immunity.

Aug 29, 2012 - Designed for applications in critical signal environments requiring interference immunity and potential isolation, TAP-Isolator module enables complete galvanic insulation of Test Access Port (TAP) transceiver from target. This box can be used in each scan path and separates transceiver's primary TAP interface from target's secondary TAP interface. Potential isolation eliminates mutual interference between TAP transceiver/target, increasing functional safety of Boundary Scan applications.

GOEPEL electronics LLC - Austin, TX

Original Press Release

GOEPEL Electronic Makes Boundary Scan Applications Interference-Free

Press release date: Aug 27, 2012

GOEPEL electronic introduces the TAP-Isolator, a special module to improve interference immunity in serial scan operations.

The newly developed hardware was specifically designed for applications in critical signal environments needing potential isolation, enabling a complete galvanic insulation of the Test Access Port (TAP) transceiver from the target.

"The topic of interference immunity and potential isolation play a role for mixed-signal designs with integrated power electronics. Moreover, they are requested from the start in several safety-critical applications in the areas of space and avionics as well as medical technology", says Bettina Richter, Marketing Manager with GOEPEL electronic. "The TAP-Isolator is a standard product addressing these issues for conventional single-ended interconnections. In combination with the already available solutions for potential isolation for differential signal transmissions we are now able to cover every application scenario."

The TAP-Isolator is an small stand-alone box that can be used as add-on hardware in each scan path.  It separates the transceiver's primary TAP interface from the target's secondary TAP interface, and is easily upgradable at any time.

The potential isolation eliminates mutual interference between TAP transceiver and target. That means an increase in the functional safety of Boundary Scan applications such as interconnection test, PLD programming or Flash programming.

The TAP-Isolator can be operated on the secondary side with fixed or variable output voltage between 1.8 V and 4.5 V, and maximum transmission frequency of 70 MHz. It supports all standard TAP signals (TCK, TMS, TDI, TDO) as well as the optional /TRST.

The isolation hardware’s possible runtime delays when used with modern Boundary Scan systems such as SCANFLEX® can be individually compensated per TAP by the integrated ADYCS(TM) technology. Additionally, the TAP-Isolator can be run with all JTAG controllers from GOEPEL electronic, e.g. PicoTAP(TM) and SCANBOOSTER(TM), as well as other vendors.

The TAP-Isolator will be ready for shipping in September 2012.

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