FutureDial Solutions Save Time and Money for Mobile Device Recyclers and Reverse Logistics Companies

From data scrubbing and refurbishing to reading phone data, FutureDial's GreenT and iRT solutions help mobile device logistics vendors and recyclers improve operational efficiency SUNNYVALE, Calif. - With more mobile devices being traded-in for recycling, and in-warranty processing, logistics vendors and recyclers are seeing heavier workloads and experiencing operational bottlenecks to process the devices they receive. Mobile device software developer FutureDial has come to the rescue with new solutions that help alleviate the bottlenecks and boost operational efficiency. GreenT for Multi-device Refurbishing and Data Wiping FutureDial's GreenT™ is a client/server solution that prepares Android, iOS, Blackberry devices and feature phones for re-use in the consumer market. The highly automated solution runs on a standard PC or laptop (meeting minimum hardware specs) and features "plug-and-play" simultaneous processing for up to 48 connected devices, handling mission-critical tasks such as: - Refurbishing

- Data scrubbing

- Firmware loading

- PRL updating

- Provisioning/Activation Parameters A time-saving feature is "hot-swapping", in which completed devices on the processing line can be swapped with devices waiting to be processed, while other devices are still being refurbished. This enables more simultaneous device processing and reduces operational bottlenecks. iRT for Simultaneous Batch Reading of iPhones and iPads FutureDial's new iRT™ (iPhone Reader Tool) for iPhone and iPad is a client/server-based solution that runs on a PC for simultaneous reading of up to 12 devices connected in parallel for displaying: - MEID or IMEI of each device

- Model name

- Internal memory size

- Carrier name

- Apple Serial Number The MEID/IMEI readouts are conveniently displayed on the PC screen as barcodes, so technicians can scan them directly from the PC monitor to ensure proper inventory management. RSVP for Product Demonstrations

During the Reverse Logistics Association's Conference Expo in Las Vegas Feb 11-14, 2013, FutureDial representatives will have a private suite at the Rio All Suite Hotel where they will be demonstrating the solutions. To reserve an appointment for a private demonstration, please email sales@futuredial.com . About FutureDial

FutureDial develops mobile device content management software and solutions for use by reverse logistics vendors, device recyclers, wireless carriers, phone repair centers and mobile device warehouses. The company is a proud member of the Device Renewal Forum (DRF). For more information about FutureDial, please visit www.futuredial.com  SOURCE

FutureDial CONTACT: Bruce Brunger, bruceb@futuredial.com  Web Site: www.futuredial.com   

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