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Fusion Machine features diesel-powered 28 carriage.

Press Release Summary:

Feb 15, 2013 - Pairing diesel-powered 28 fusion carriage with TracStar 412/618 chassis, TracStar® Super 28 fuses 2 in. IPS to 8 in. DIPS polyethylene pipe. Self-contained, self-propelled, track-mounted vehicle can handle grades up to 30%. Four-jaw fusion carriage can be removed for in-ditch fusion. When ordered as Combination Unit, Super 28 offers saddle fusion capability that allows fusion of branch saddles with maximum base diameter of 9.63 in. onto any size pipe main.

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Tulsa, OK

Original Press Release

McElroy Creates Super 28 TracStar® Machine

Press release date: Feb 06, 2013

New Super 28 Has Larger Chassis and Specialized Design

TULSA, Okla.  – The popular TracStar® 28 has a new ordering option for customers. Named the "Super 28," the fusion machine pairs a 28 fusion machine carriage for fusing 2-inch IPS to 8-inch DIPS (63mm to 225mm) polyethylene pipe with a larger tracked chassis powered by diesel fuel.

McElroy TracStar machines are self-contained, self-propelled, track-mounted vehicles that can handle grades up to 30 percent. The four-jaw fusion carriage of TracStar machines can be easily removed for in-ditch fusion. For tight installations, the outer fixed jaw of the carriage and the skid can be removed from the carriage converting the unit to a three-jaw carriage.

The Super 28's chassis is the same as those on the larger TracStar® 412 and 618 fusion machines. The diesel-fueled carriage is optimal for some jobsites, as opposed to the standard gasoline-powered option of the original TracStar 28.

"We're excited about this new addition to our line of TracStar 28 machines," said Chip McElroy, president of McElroy. "We made this addition because of feedback we have received from our customers and our worldwide distribution network."

The new Super 28 can also be ordered as a Combination Unit (CU). Combination Units offer a saddle fusion capability that allows fusion of branch saddles with a maximum base diameter of 9.63 inches onto any size pipe main.

The Super 28 comes standard with the diesel-powered 28 carriage, TracStar 412/618 chassis, facer, heater, insulated heater stand and lifting assembly. For more information or to locate your nearest distributor, visit

100-Word Description for Product Reviews and Spotlights:
The new McElroy Super 28 is a fusion machine for fusing 2-inch IPS to 8-inch DIPS (63mm to 225mm) polyethylene pipe. The machine features a diesel-powered 28 fusion carriage on a TracStar 412/618 chassis. The new configuration allows contractors to have a diesel-powered fusion machine on jobsites where gasoline is unavailable or not allowed. The Super 28 offers the same ruggedness and reliability expected from McElroy fusion machines. The Super 28 can be ordered as a Combination Unit that allows fusion of branch saddles with a maximum base diameter of 9.63 inches onto any size pipe main. For more information, or to locate your nearest distributor, visit

About Pipe Fusion:
Butt fusion (also known as pipe fusion or plastic pipe joining) is a widely accepted process that joins two pieces of thermoplastic pipe together with heat and pressure. Commonly associated with high-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) and polypropylene pipe (PP-R), the butt fusion process starts by “facing” or shaving the pipe ends simultaneously so that they can be joined together with heat to create a continuous, sealed pipeline. The welding of the pipes is accomplished by using a hot plate in contact with the pipe ends, which heats the plastic to a molten state. Then, after its removal, the ends are pressed together under a controlled force to form a weld that is as strong as or stronger than the pipe itself. Third-party industry research indicates that HDPE pipe and joints can have a lifespan of more than 100 years.

About McElroy Manufacturing, Inc.:
Founded in 1954, McElroy Manufacturing has grown from a two-person start-up in an Oklahoma garage to the industry leader in the science of joining thermoplastic pipe. The name McElroy is recognized worldwide as the most reliable, efficient, rugged and technically advanced polyethylene and polypropylene pipe fusion equipment in the world. McElroy holds dozens of U.S. and foreign patents on fusion-related equipment. McElroy’s fusion equipment can be used in gas, water, mining, geothermal, HVAC, dredging, methane gas recovery, sewer, and many other industries. For additional information, please visit the McElroy website at