Furnaces and Ovens meet needs of laboratory applications.

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Laboratory-oriented eXRESS-LINE products include split or solid tube box furnaces rated up to 1,200°C. Tube furnaces range from 3 in. ID x 12 in. long through 6 in. ID x 36 in. long, and can include power supplies with single set point controllers, interconnecting cables, and thermocouples. Bench top box furnaces feature double-hinged, electrically interlocked vertical lift door and power supply. Recirculating box ovens, rated for 260°C temperatures, are also available.

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Thermcraft Recently Announced the Release of Their New Line of Standard Lab Furnaces and Ovens

Thermcraft Incorporated of Winston-Salem North Carolina is coming upon their forty year anniversary. Being a leader in building Industrial Furnaces, Ovens, Controls systems and High Temperature Heaters, we are pleased to announce the release of our new line of standard Laboratory Furnaces, Ovens and Control Systems. The eXPRESS-LINE offers a full line of both split tube and solid tube furnaces and are available in either 1100°C (2000°F) or 1200°C (2200F) models. Thermcraft also brings to the market a series of 1200°C (2200°F) rated box furnaces and line of 225°C (437°F) and 260°C (500°F) rated recirculating air box ovens all with the unheard delivery time Within Two Weeks.

Thermcraft eXPRESS-LINE Tube furnaces range in sizes from 3" ID x 12" long up to 6" ID x 36" long and are available in both single and three zones units. All units offer easily changeable vestibules for changing customer requirements, along with standard power supplies featuring single set point controllers, interconnecting cables and thermocouple (s) for each zone.

The bench top furnaces are available in two sizes, 8"x8"x12" (HxWxD) and 12"x12"x18" (HxWxD) Both units feature an electrically interlocked vertical lift door, an integral power supply with single set point temperature controller and thermocouples included in the price.

Both the Tube and Box Furnaces are designed with Thermcraft state of the art ceramic refractory heating elements and low mass ceramic fiber insulation panels. Not only does this give a higher degree of quality, but exemplifies Thermcrafts typical 100% heavy duty rated construction, all at a comparable price that leads the market. It is Thermcraft's commitment to ship the eXPRESS- LINE all within two weeks and we have developed a website for the eXPRESS-LINE of www.withintwoweeks.com. This will give information and provide greater details on the eXPRESS-LINE to our customers as stated by Tom Crafton president of Thermcraft Incorporated.

The recirculating box ovens are available in three different sizes. Are stainless steel lined and included integral power supplies and all units come complete with internal movable shelves. The 225°C (437°F) rated units (Two Sizes) include single set point temperature controllers with 99 min/ 99 hour timers while the 260°C (500°F) rated unit has a programmable controller.

Thermcraft has also brought to the market the eXPRESS-LINE Protégé Tube Furnace 1100°C (2000°F), for process tubes up to 1" ID and chamber size 12" long. Protégé comes with a choice of 120V or 220V electrical requirements with integrated control system, circuit breaker and single set point controller that comes with Platinel II thermocouple. The market has demanded a competitive price and with the full line of eXPRESS-LINE products, we have achieved this. With this in mind, it will help with any budget from industry to research to university to schools as also quoted from Tom Crafton president of Thermcraft Incorporated.

Since 1971, Thermcraft has become the standard for manufacturing quality heaters, ovens and furnaces for high temperature up to 1700°C requirements that our customers have demanded in today's markets. While others talk, we listen to our customers, throughout the world, to build the right solution and have expanded and developed our products lines to meet with the high demands of today global markets.

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