Funnel System allows safe chemical waste disposal.

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Manufactured using chemically-resistant HDPE, ECO Funnel Version 3 prevents evaporation of hazardous chemicals from open waste containers in laboratory environment.
It features vapor-resistant gasket, solids filter, heavy duty hinge, positive latch, and screw cap. System exceeds EPA, OSHA, and Fire Department Hazardous Materials Regulations and can be incorporated into existing HPLC waste system. Product is available in 2 sizes with variety of screw cap adapters.

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Improved Safety Eco Funnel Has Important New Features for Safer Waste Disposal in the Laboratory

Version 3 Exceeds EPA/OSHA/FIRE Safety Regulations

California Pacific Lab Safety's proprietary SAFETY ECO FUNNEL prevents evaporation of hazardous chemicals from open waste containers in the laboratory environment.

Novato, CA - July 1, 2007 California Pacific Lab Safety, Inc., a Novato, California based laboratory safety equipment manufacturer and supplier, announces the release of Version 3 of the Safety Ecological Funnel. The new ECO Funnel is manufactured using chemically-resistant HDPE and features an improved vapor-resistant gasket, solids filter, heavy duty hinge, positive latch and screw cap. This inexpensive chemical waste containment system exceeds EPA, OSHA and Fire Department Hazardous Materials Regulations requiring the prevention of laboratory chemical spills and toxic vapor release, and it can be easily incorporated into an existing HPLC waste system. The Safety ECO Funnel, first developed by a chemist in 1994, is the original laboratory chemical waste containment system and remains the most widely used in the industry.

This patented equipment is standard in pharmaceutical, biotech, academic and government facilities worldwide. Small enough to fit under most fume hoods, the ECO Funnel system provides a simple way for chemists to dispose of hazardous chemicals without allowing toxic emissions to evaporate into the surrounding environment. The lid can be easily opened and closed, and the internal gasket and external latch create an air-tight seal to keep vapor from escaping. Available in two sizes and with a variety of screw cap adapters, the ECO Funnel can be customized to most standard waste bottles.

San Diego Deputy Fire Marshall and Biotech Inspector Steven Carroll reports that "[the] Safety ECO Funnel is an ideal containment system that eliminates the danger of ignited vapors and spills from open chemical waste containers." Carroll credits the Safety ECO Funnel for the cleaner environment found in lab fume hoods and sinks in over half of the 370 biotech facilities he inspects.

Previous ECO Funnel Versions 1 and 2 safety funnels have maintained an average daily working life span of 2 to 3 years. Existing funnels should be inspected to determine whether replacement with the new Version 3 Safety ECO Funnel is necessary.

California Pacific Lab Safety manufactures and distributes laboratory safety equipment to leading pharmaceutical, biotech, academic and government laboratories worldwide. As the developer and patent holder of the innovative Safety Ecological Funnel, the company was started by an organic chemist with the primary objective of improving health and safety standards within the laboratory environment. Dr. Ron Najafi invented both the Safety ECO Funnel and the Benchtop Solid Waste Container to solve the problem of chemically contaminated air inside the lab, allowing both liquid and solid wastes to be safety, simply, and economically contained.

Calpaclab is a licensed distributor of Justrite, Eagle, and Nalgene products, as well as other top industry brands, in addition to carrying their own Safety ECO Funnel and Solid Waste containment systems.

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