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Functional Tester can run up to 10 tests simultaneously.

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Dec 11, 2006 - Featuring modular design, Vector Functional Tester offers application-specific solution that performs tests such as torque to turn, flow, force to distance, leak, noise, vibration, and harshness. Plug-in software modules are preconfigured and can also be customized for new requirements. Applications range from automatic transmissions to engines missing bearings and from catheter balloons to valves.

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Uson Releases New Functional Tester that Offers Higher Quality, Lower-Cost Solutions to Automotive, Industrial and Medical Customers

Press release date: Jan 17, 2006

Vector Functional Tester Improves Productivity and Reduces Costs

HOUSTON (January 17, 2006) - Extending its leadership in the testing market, Uson today announced the release of a new, easy to use functional tester that quickly provides customers with a proven, cost-effective solution designed to meet their specific needs. Uson, the world leader in the precision leak and flow and eddy current tester market, is enhancing its functional test offering to meet customer demands for more application-specific solutions (see

The Uson Vector Functional Tester offers an application-specific solution that is powerful yet simple to use. Based on Uson's Vector leak tester - it is the industry's fastest tester; with state of the art hardware and software; custom test applications; capability for multiple channels that allows for up to 10 tests to be run simultaneously; and a modular design that allows for easy and economical expansion of both the hardware and the software.

The platform also offers unique plug-in software modules for functional testing. These easily adaptable modules are preconfigured to get customers up and running quickly and are also easy to customize for new requirements. Uson offers a library of applications to meet most customer needs and will develop new applications as needed.

In today's manufacturing environment, customers seek ways to improve quality and cut costs. They want to reduce warranty expenses and avoid the risk of liability. Recalls can be extremely costly so proper functionality is a high priority.

Functional tests such as torque to turn, flow, force to distance, leak, and noise, vibration and harshness tests all can be performed using the new Vector Functional Tester. Applications range from automatic transmissions to engines missing bearings and from catheter balloons to valves.

The Vector Functional Tester ensures the highest accuracy - providing for fewer false rejects and passes. Less downtime increases throughput and customers are able to identify process issues quickly to improve efficiency. Because the Vector Functional Tester is highly accurate and catches more defects, warranty costs are lower; as are costs associated with bad parts that otherwise would lead to scrap and rework. Customers benefit from using the Uson Vector Functional Tester because they get one supplier for all of their testing needs, improving purchasing efficiency; reducing support requirements; and streamlining operations. The Vector uses proven hardware, which lowers spares inventory through commonality of parts and helps maintenance staff improve efficiency by allowing them to learn one less instrument. Additionally, Uson delivers unmatched support that is an ongoing partnership with all of their customers.

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