Functional Splicing Tapes aid pressure sensitive processing.

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Self-wound NT-5511-2SW and 5512-2SW address issues related to material loss, registration, and waste disposal for converters of roll label stock and substrates to be coated with pressure sensitive adhesive. Polyester film backing coated with high-temperature yellow silicone adhesive on unwind side and easy release silicone coating on backside allow adhesive release at splice area, eliminating label loss. Both products facilitate splicing of siliconized webs.

Original Press Release:

New Functional Splicing Tapes Keep Pressure Sensitive Processing Running Smoothly

Holyoke, MA - December 2006 - Converters of roll label stock and substrates to be coated with pressure sensitive adhesive have long faced issues related to material loss, registration and waste disposal. Two new functional splicing tapes from Dielectric Polymers solve these problems to help improve processing efficiency.

NT-5511-2SW & 5512-2SW are self-wound tapes for quick and easy splicing of siliconized webs. The polyester film backing is coated with high temperature yellow silicone adhesive on the unwind side and an easy release silicone coating on the backside. This specialized release coating allows adhesive release at the splice area which eliminates label loss, a critical factor in sequential label and automatically applied label applications. Additionally, the easy release coating provides easy removal of the matrix, maintains registration through the splice and makes these tapes ideal for covering in-process rolls that come in contact with pressure sensitive adhesive.

DPI's functional splicing tapes create splices that do not need to be cut out of the web, reducing material loss in lost labels and pressure sensitive substrate at the splice area. These one and two mil film tapes have no release liner, reducing the time needed to make a splice and the quantity of material for disposal. Constructed with aggressive adhesive that "grabs" quickly and a high tensile film backing that resists breaks, these tapes assure strong splices every time.

For more information regarding NT-5511-2SW and 5512-2SW, please contact Dielectric Polymers at 800.628.9007, at or visit the Company's web site at

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