Fully Dimmable CFLs match human eye's reactions.

Press Release Summary:

TruDim(TM) compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) features ballast design with NXP GreenChip(TM) power management IC chip technology, which enables smooth and full dimming from 100%-1%. While digital InstaBright(TM) technology boosts CFL power briefly to increase initial lumen output and then adjusts to normal output levels after 30-45 sec, low-dimming level starting capability reduces need to reset dimmer to full-on every time lights are turned on. Various styles and color temperatures are available.

Original Press Release:

TCP, Inc. Introduces Breakthrough TruDim(TM) CFL Technology

Industry's first CFL to match dimming capabilities of traditional incandescent light bulbs

Aurora, Ohio - TCP, Inc., the world leader in compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) manufacturing and technology, introduces a new fully dimmable CFL product line incorporating a patent-pending high performance CFL ballast design that features proprietary NXP GreenChip(TM) power management IC chip technology. This new design approach, dubbed TruDim(TM) Technology, results in a CFL with smoother full range dimming performance from 100 percent down to one percent. The dimming curve is designed to more accurately match the human eye's reactions, which is more pleasing to the end-user.

"In the past, customers have had to put up with dimming CFLs that don't dim to the same low levels as older incandescent bulbs. Plus, other CFLs have been slow to warm up, and sometimes don't last as long as non-dimming CFLs", said Ellis Yan, CEO, TCP, Inc. "Finally, customers have the choice of a full-function CFL that truly matches the performance of an incandescent lamp."

TCP's new TruDim CFL outperforms other CFLs on the market by providing quicker start-up, achieving full brightness more than 75 percent faster than other comparable products. TCP's advanced digital InstaBright(TM) technology boosts the CFLs' power briefly to increase initial lumen output and then adjusts to normal output levels after 30-45 seconds. TruDim Technology will enable low-dimming level starting capability, which reduces the need to reset the dimmer to full-on every time the lights are turned on. TCP's IC-chip ballast control also maintains superior low dim level lamp lumen output stability, significantly improving overall lamp life. These new dimming CFLs are rated to 10,000 hours under normal use.

The TruDim CFL product line includes new QuadPhosphor technology that uses a unique lamp phosphor formulation, which provides a warm, rich light output, and helps reduce stress to the eyes. QuadPhosphor lamps increase the color rendering characteristics of the lamp in the red spectrum (CIE-R9) with no reduction in lumen maintenance. All TruDim CFLs are now available with TCP-ARMOR shatter-resistant lamp coating that helps contain the lamp glass and other elements should a CFL be dropped or broken.

TCP's new TruDim CFL will be initially offered in several lamp styles, including covered R30 16-watt, R20 14-watt, A-Lamp 16-watt and 14-watt, and 14-watt Globes. The lamps will be offered in a variety of color temperatures, from soft white 2700-kelvin to Daylight 6500-kelvin. All products will be available in the fourth quarter 2010.

TCP CFL products are tested and certified to meet/exceed FCC and UL compliance, and they also meet RoHS certification requirements. TCP currently has over 100 products, which have earned the US Department of Energy's (DOE) Energy Star designation. TCP is also proud to again earn the 2010 Energy Star Partner of the Year award for the second consecutive year.

TCP, Inc., the global leader in energy efficient lighting innovations, is dedicated to creating high-quality products that are brighter, longer lasting and better for the environment. Headquartered outside Cleveland, Ohio, the company markets a variety of energy efficient lighting products for professional, specifier and consumer markets under several brands including TCP Pro, SpringLight(TM), DuraBright(TM), TCP EcoVations(TM) and TCP n:vision(TM). TCP's extensive product line includes compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), LED lamps and fixtures, cold cathode lamps, exit and emergency lighting, HID, decorative and outdoor fixtures, as well as the first ever linear lamp, ballast and fixture offering. TCP is a privately held company employing more than 200 people in Northeast Ohio. For more information, visit us at www.tcpi.com or call (800) 324-1496.

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