Fully Automatic Case Formers and Case Erectors

Wexxar/BEL offers the WF series of fully automatic case forming / case erecting equipment. These case formers / case erectors are designed for sustained, high-speed applications.

The WF20 is a fully automatic case former / case erector with tape head and toolless changeover. Wexxar's Pin Dome machines have, for the last 25 years, become the standard for major customers who demand the highest quality output and maximum uptime.

From this experience, the Pin Dome technology for case forming equipment has now evolved to be available to the mid-speed, mid-priced market. Box one is ready to run without the use of tools or guide-books. A color-coded, tactile guide offers a more efficient, friendly set-up for operators. The Tilt-out Tape Head (for the tape version), and the easy kip handle adjustments are all extra details that allow for a completely toolless, convenient changeover, in less than 5 minutes.

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