Fully Automated Medica EasyRA Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Available at Block Scientific

Small laboratories looking for a fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer can purchase the Medica EasyRA from Block Scientific.

Small laboratories can benefit from a clinical chemistry analyzer that can accommodate their varied needs and requires little operator training.  The Medica EasyRA is a fully automated system that fits the bill. An established supplier of laboratory equipment based in New York, Block Scientific is offering this efficient clinical chemistry analyzer (new) for sale and also for lease at a convenient monthly rate with installation, training, delivery and reagent credit.

The EasyRA features a simple and intuitive user interface, with four color-coded icons guiding the technician through all functions. Its friendly displays clearly signal the progress of a run and easily allow changes to be made. It analyzes stat samples in less than 8 minutes. Maintenance is quick and easy with a unique, slide-out drawer. RFID technology eliminates the need to manually program reagents.

Features and specifications include:

  • Liquid, ready-to-use reagents

  • 150 tests per hour (>300 with integrated ISE)

  • 24 sample positions

  • 24 reagents on board

  • Automatic upload of QC and Cal values from CD. No data entry

  • Daily Maintenance < 5 min. Monthly maintenance < 30 min.

  • Limited replaceable components.

  • User PM <30 minutes.

  • Fast turn-around time of test results.

  • No data entry errors.

  • On-board tracking of QC with Levey-Jennings charts and user-definable flagging limits.

  • Disposable cuvettes ensure accurate results every time.

  • Low operating costs

  • Profitable at varying volumes with average payback periods of under a year.

  • Reasonably priced service contracts.

  • More uptime and less send outs

A reliable dealer with extensive experience, Block Scientific offers several options to help labs with budget constraints such as reagent rental programs and refurbished lab equipment priced much lower than new.

About Block Scientific

Block Scientific, a reliable lab equipment supplier in NY offers a wide range of quality laboratory equipment such as analyzers, microscopes, co-oximeters, incubators, centrifuges, balances, and much more. Orders can be placed at www.blockscientificstore.com.

Contact Information

22 Sawgrass Drive


NY 11713 USA

Tel: 1-866-203-5777 (toll free)

Tel: 631-589-1118

Fax: 631-589-4088

Email: info@blockscientific.com

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