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Full Size Cooling Wells keep food at preferred temperature.

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Full Size Cooling Wells keep food at preferred temperature.

Aug 27, 2014 - Insulated on sides and bottom to ensure cold retention, Drop-In Ice Wells can hold various cold food products at preferred serving temperatures for foodservice operations. There are no refrigeration or electrical components. These ice-cooled units, suited for salad bars, cold buffets, and chilled beverage bars, are full-size wells available suited for holding 1- to 6-pan configurations. Pan dividers allow greater flexibility in featured food product display.

Hatco Corp. - Milwaukee, WI

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Chill Out with Hatco's New Drop-In Ice Wells

Press release date: Aug 26, 2014

(Milwaukee, WI) – Match your line of Hatco® Wells with the newest Drop-In Ice Wells for a fully integrated look in your foodservice operation.

The Drop-In Ice Wells provide all the same Hatco quality features of the Refrigerated Wells, but without the refrigeration or electrical components. The perfect choice for salad bars, cold buffets and chilled beverage bars, these ice-cooled, insulated units can hold a variety of cold food products at preferred serving temperatures.

The Drop-In Ice Wells are full-size insulated wells available to hold one- to six-pan configurations, while pan dividers can give you greater flexibility in your display of varied featured food products. The optimal insulation on the sides and bottom of the unit ensures better cold retention and cost savings.

Hatco Corporation is a Milwaukee Wisconsin-based, employee-owned company with a history of over 60 years of excellence in the design, production and servicing of holding and warming equipment. In 2009, Hatco introduced its first Refrigerated Drop-In Well product, bringing the same Hatco excellence to the cooling side of its foodservice product line.

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