Fuel Storage Tanks offer 25-150,000 gal capacities.

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Made from military grade materials, IPI Fuel Bladders are suited for storing potable water, wastewater, fuels, chemicals, dielectric oil, and alternative or blended fuels. Tanks utilize variety of geomembrane fabric materials with 3 in. overlap on seams. Fabrics are matched to application to resist temperature extremes, humidity, UV exposure, abrasion, and corrosion. Available with variety of connections, fittings, and valves, collapsible cells provide temporary and long term storage.

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Fuel Storage Tanks for Industrial, Energy and Military Applications

Interstate Products, Inc. manufactures and distributes a wide variety of collapsible fuel storage tanks for industrial applications and are used by power and energy companies all over the world. Made from military grade materials, IPI fuel bladders are ideal for the storage of potable water, waste water, fuels, chemicals, dielectric oil and alternative fuels or blended fuel storage applications. Our tanks are manufactured in the United States and tested to the highest quality standards using a variety of geomembrane fabric materials with 3" overlap welds on the seams. In addition, all corners and fitting areas are reinforced for additional strength and durability. The fabrics available are precisely matched according to each application to provide optimal compatibility for the storage of liquids and to provide resistance against temperature extremes, humidity, ultra-violet exposure, abrasion, impact and corrosion.

These versatile fuel storage tanks are available from 25 gallon to 150,000 gallon capacities and can be equipped with a variety of different size bladder tank connections, fittings and valves to best serve your specific needs. Our portable tanks and bladders are used worldwide by variety of customers for emergency response, disaster relief, Homeland Security and defense installations, and by chemical plants, utility companies, refineries, construction sites, airports, fire departments, maritime fleets and HazMat teams. All of our military grade tanks are constructed using fabric and fittings that meet or exceed required specifications. Every large fuel bladder manufactured by Interstate Products is backed by our industry leading warranty on seams and workmanship.

IPI fuel storage bladders -also known by military users as blivets- are collapsible, flexible storage cells that provide for temporary as well as long term fuel storage. For fuel storage applications, our tanks are designed with unique fabrics to accommodate aviation and jet fuels, diesel, JP 8, JP 4, AV-GAS and gasoline (MOGAS). IPI supplies industrial, power and energy companies worldwide; and our tanks are used in oil spill recovery operations, for bulk liquid transport and the storage of bilge slops. Standard tank models are designed for land based, stationary operations, but can also be used on the decks of boats and large marine vessels with proper support. Our standard fuel bladder tanks sizes range from 100 gallons to 150,000 gallons capacities and larger, with custom manufactured fuel storage bladders and cells also available to exacting specifications.

Our military style fuel bladders are built with military grade materials and may also be fabricated to meet US Mil Spec requirements using a variety of flexible, fuel resistant fabrics which provide ultraviolet light and chemical resistance. Collapsible storage tanks are suitable for unblended diesel fuel for long term storage or unblended gasoline less than 1 year. Interstate Products offers a variety of secondary containment solutions, including spill berms, which should be used for all fuel storage operations to facilitate compliance with various SPCC and EPA regulations. To meet SPCC regulations, spill berms are typically used for storage applications of less than 5000 US gallons; berm Liners are recommended for use on any tanks over 5000 gallons for secondary containment. Users should check with all local regulatory agencies before deploying collapsible storage systems in public areas. IPI has created an extensive secondary containment information library where our clients can review available fabrics for custom fuel tanks and spill berms, XR-5 fabric case studies, view bladder tank drawings and letters of recommendation from specific US military applications. To view a broad selection of images that illustrate some of the common applications for our standard fuel and water storage tank products visit our Fuel Storage and Pillow Tank Gallery at: http://www.interstateproducts.com/tanks_gallery.htm

As a leading multi-brand supplier of quality environmental, maintenance and safety product solutions for industrial, commercial, institutional, military and various government organizations, IPI also offers special services for emergency relief situations and military use. Call 1-800-238-4259 or 1-800-472-3392 for after hours or emergency information. To learn more about Interstate Product's wide selection of fuel storage tanks, portable spill berms and hazmat supplies visit our online store at: http://www.interstateproducts.com/fuel_storage_bladders.htm

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