Fuel Recirculating System is offered in entry-level models.

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Controlled via PLC, EL (entry-level) series Automatic Fuel Recirculating System (FRS) cleans and circulates stored fuel on preprogrammed schedule. UL-Listed unit, supplied in NEMA 4, key-lockable cabinet, has key switch and 24 hr, 7 day programmable clock. Available in 5, 11, and 25 gpm flow rates, PLC controls alarms only, and power upgrades are the only available option.

Original Press Release:

New Entry-Level FRS Provides Simple, Quality Fuel Maintenance at Competitive Price

Fuel purifier manufacturer RCI Technologies now offers an entry-level line of its Automatic Fuel Recirculating Systems (FRS).

Like RCI's regular FRS units, the entry-level system automatically cleans and circulates the customer's stored fuel on a preprogrammed schedule; is PLC-controlled; has a key switch and a 24-hour, seven-day programmable clock; is UL-listed; and is housed in a NEMA 4 key-lockable cabinet.

The EL model, priced lower than the regular units, differs in having no touch screen and no internal enclosures for the wiring inside the cabinet; the PLC controls the alarms only; and power upgrades are the only option available.

"The entry-level system enables customers working with a more limited budget to also benefit from RCI's patented fuel purification technology, but at a lower cost and with a simpler interface," RCI President Robert Randle said.

The EL series is available in three flow rates: 5 gpm (FRS 660-5-EL-UL), 11 gpm (FRS 660-11-EL-UL) and 25 gpm (FRS 660-25-EL-UL).

For more information, visit www.rcitechnologies.com or call (800) 868-2088.

About RCI Technologies
RCI Technologies, founded in 1994, offers a complete line of diesel fuel purification products, which include the Universal Fuel Purifier(TM), the Portable Tank Cleaning Unit(TM) and the FRS 660 Automatic Fuel Recirculating System(TM). RCI's products are suitable for marine, industrial, trucking and bus applications, and they are used at pumping stations and fuel docks, by hospitals and various government agencies, and in the construction and agricultural industries.

RCI's fuel purifiers, which bear Green Clean Institute certification, utilize RCI's patented fuel purification technology, using no filters or moving parts. By removing 99.9 percent of water and up to 98 percent of dust, dirt and other natural contaminants found in all diesel fuel, RCI's products promote optimum fuel system efficiency and fuel economy, reduce engine down time and extend engine life.

For more information on RCI's products, visit www.rcitechnologies.com or call (800) 868-2088.

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