Fuel Monitoring System By AW Company

With the increasing costs of fuel, it has become important to your bottom line that you monitor and control your fuel usage. The Fuel Monitoring System from AW Company combines the unmatched reliability of our positive displacement flow meters and the proven track record of our flow monitors.

The fuel monitoring system consists of two AW Company JV-KG positive displacement flow meters, one flow meter for the supply line and one for the return line; and an AW Company FEM-03A2 which will display flow rate and net fuel consumed plus a 4-20 mA output is available for remote reporting. This fuel system is easily adaptable to various fuel systems including compressors, diesel and gasoline engines and boiler systems. Applications range from energy generation to buses, cars and trucks to ships and locomotives.

The AW Company Fuel Monitoring System consists of:

The JV-KG Positive Displacement Flow Meter
o Flow rates as low as 4 cc per minute
o All metal construction; aluminum, 303 or 316 Stainless Steel
o High resolution, robust design
o Pressure rating up to 5,000 PSI
o High temperature and explosion proof versions available

The Ratio Monitor EMO-500 or FEM-03AX
o Displays total fuel consumption or total fuel usage
o Displays independent fuel line flow rates
o mA signal for rate of consumption

Contact Name: Dawn Larson
Title: Marketing
E-mail: dawnl@awcompany.com

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