FTMS Systems feature high resolution and mass accuracy.

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With greater than 500,000 resolution and less than 1 ppm mass accuracy, Series 900-MS Fourier Transform mass spectrometers (FTMS) suit metabolomics, petrochemical, and environmental analyses. Series includes Model 901-MS hybrid electrospray ionization instrument, Model 902-MS MALDI instrument, and Model 903-MS dual-cart instrument that allows both electrospray and MALDI ionization sources to share single magnet.

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Varian, Inc. Introduces New High Performance FTMS Systems

CHICAGO, Feb. 26 / -- Varian, Inc. (NASDAQ:VARI) announced today its new 900-MS series Fourier Transform mass spectrometers (FTMS). Due to the ultra-high resolution (>500,000) and mass accuracy (<1 ppm), 900-MS series instruments are ideal for a variety of application areas including proteomics, metabolomics, petrochemical and environmental analyses. The flexibility of the 900-MS series instruments allows the user to switch from large to small molecule analysis or from positive to negative ion analysis with a click of a mouse.

The new 900-MS series is the product of combining the well established FTMS expertise of IonSpec (acquired by Varian, Inc. in 2006) and the engineering capabilities of Varian, Inc. Currently, the 900-MS series comprises three instruments. The 901-MS is a hybrid electrospray ionization instrument, and the 902-MS is a MALDI instrument developed from the IonSpec ProMALDI technology. The 903-MS is a dual-cart instrument that allows both electrospray and MALDI ionization sources to share a single magnet.

These new instruments can incorporate either traditional or 'Zero Boil-off off' Varian magnets. The available field strengths include 7, 9.4, 12.0 and now 15.0 Tesla -- the highest commercially available FTMS magnet, providing the largest sample dynamic range of any FTMS system. A choice of magnets and ionization sources allows customers to configure a solution to meet their specific needs with respect to sensitivity, dynamic range, and the types of samples to be analyzed. The dual-cart design of the 903-MS makes it quick and easy to switch between the two instrument configurations, electrospray and MALDI. In addition to increasing the efficiency of the instrument, the dual-cart design provides a rapid way to obtain the highest quality data for the widest range of applications.

"The integration of Varian engineering with proven IonSpec technology has created more powerful FTMS instruments that are also easier to operate and maintain," said Martin O'Donoghue, Senior Vice President, Scientific Instruments, Varian, Inc. "Now scientists can obtain more information-rich mass spectral data that will lead to new discoveries in areas from proteomics to the petroleum industry."

For more technical information about Varian's FTMS instrumentation, please visit http://www.varianinc.com/products/

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