Frozen Block Grinder Demonstrates Versatility on Pet Food Processing Line

The Model 16 -12 Frozen Block Grinder was recently manufactured for a Pet Food Manufacturer. At the beginning of the line, it performs pre-breaking, then the product travels to final grinding operations.

The grinder takes 40 – 60 lb. blocks of frozen meat and grinds them from kidney plate size (approximately ½”) to ¼”.

The grinder is integrated with a tilting hopper and a sanitation platform.

General specifications:

Pre-grind: 9,720 – 21, 6000 lbs./ hr.

Plate Diameter: 16”

Feedscrew Diameter 12”

Product Temperature: 0 degree F – 26 Degrees F

Drive Motor: 75 HP – 150 HP

Patrick Flood

Marketing Associate

Office: 920-390-2052

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