Friction Feeder handles mail-order insertions.

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Accommodating different sizes and thicknesses of materials, Large Capacity In-Feeder 3000 allows large range of items to be fed into boxes or totes along existing conveyor lines. Dual separation technology helps keep belt wear to minimum, enabling months of operation without changing belt. Able to handle up to 4,000 sheets of paper and feed 60 products/min, feeder handles everything from small reply cards to DVDs to full product catalogs.

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Feed Everything from Full Product Catalogs to DVD's to Reply Cards; PSI's LC In-Feeder 3000 Keeps your Warehouse Shipping Faster

Mississauga, ON - In today's new and growing mail order industry, everything from paper to catalogs to reply cards to DVD's are required to be inserted with customer orders during the packaging process. If your warehouse or distribution center can not handle it efficiently, then you may not be aware of current advancement in this industry.

Most warehouses and distribution centers are well aware of the benefits of friction feeders for handling literature in their operations. With literature always changing, purchasing several feeders for different materials has been common place in the industry, until now. An extremely versatile and large capacity friction feeder, PSI's LC In-Feeder 3000 allows a large range of items to be fed into boxes or totes along existing conveyer lines. This versatility with dispensing different sizes and thickness of materials offers an economical alternative to purchasing several feeders, and the feeder itself can handle everything from small reply cards to DVD's to full product catalogs.

More so, the LC In-Feeder 3000 replaces maintenance issues of multiple units with one versatile unit, thereby reducing costs and increasing productivity. Where as other feeders in the industry require frequent belt changes to maintain intended performance, PSI's dual separation technology found within the LC In-Feeder 3000 helps keep belt wear to a minimum, making this feeder able to maintain superior performance for a much longer period of time. In fact, you can go months without changing belts. This dual separation technology also helps eliminate double feeds, ensuring your literature is not wasted on accidental feeds, another difficulty faced with standard friction feeders.

With all of PSI's feeders, including the Large Capacity (LC) Feeder, warehouse and DC operators are able to load-on-the-fly without stopping the line. Additionally, the LC In-Feeder 3000 has an extremely large stacking capacity, handling up to 4000 sheets of paper or up to an optional 48" high hopper for stacking product.

Friction feeders have long had a reputation of being the speediest type of feeders, with PSI's Large Capacity Feeder being no exception. Easily able to feed 60 products per minute, the feeder can be custom configured for even faster speeds if required by the application. Every second saved when packaging orders means increased productivity and a heightened competitiveness in today's fast-paced changing economy.

As with all of PSI's equipment, solutions have been developed for clients with unique needs that other automation equipment has not met. PSI's solutions can be customized to fit existing infrastructures to ensure your warehouse's needs are met.

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