Fresh-Aire UV Factory Expansion Supports Growth and Cutting-Edge Air Purification Tech Development

Fresh-Aire UV expansion now houses one of industry's few ASHRAE 52.2 and 145.2-compliant test chambers for air purification products.

Fresh-Aire UV®, manufacturers of Blue Tube UV® and other HVAC indoor air quality products, has expanded its Jupiter, Fla., headquarters by 50-percent to accommodate a growing workforce, a newly-purchased air purification product test chamber and a recently-launched European market penetration.

The expansion includes space for a 40 x 10-foot state-of-the-art test chamber, one of only a few worldwide and likely the only such test device not owned by a university or government agency. The test rig enables Fresh-Aire UV to analyze and certify its UV, gas-phase air purification and photo catalytic oxidation (PCO) products, as well as other air cleaning apparatus, in compliance with ASHRAE 52.2 (particulate and biological contaminants) and 145.2 (gaseous contaminants including VOCs) filtration product test methodology. It also calculates IAQ device clean air delivery rates in compliance with ASHRAE's upcoming SPC-185.1 (inactivating airborne microbes) and SPC-185.2 (inactivating microbes on irradiated HVAC unit surfaces) UV standardizations.

Besides research and development, the expansion also creates office space for a sales force that has tripled as a result of Fresh-Aire UV's impressive double digit sales increases the past few years.

Fresh-Aire UV also recently established a distribution network in Europe under the name of Fresh Aire Europe (, which will be headquartered in Silkeborg, Denmark and managed by Michael Stensbjerg, CEO. The newly-formed company plans to establish a distribution network to  market Fresh-Aire UV products to all 28 European Union members in addition to Norway and Switzerland. Stensbjerg is setting up key distribution points throughout the EU beginning with Italy, Spain and France. 

For more information on Fresh-Aire UV and its full line of commercial and residential UVGI, APCO and other IAQ products, please visit, call 1-(800) 741-1195 or email:

About Fresh-Aire UV®: Fresh-Aire UV® is a division of Triatomic Environmental Inc., Jupiter, Fla., a leading manufacturer and developer of germicidal UV light systems designed for commercial/industrial and residential HVAC systems and ice machines. Among their products is the patented Blue-Tube UV®, the first 24 volt low-voltage germicidal UV light for HVAC, which has become the most popular product of its type in the world.  Fresh-Aire UV's revolutionary APCO® (advanced photocatalytic oxidation) system, which combines UV-C light with activated carbon cells for comprehensive odor, VOC and microbial control, was an International Innovation Award winner at the 2011 AHR Expo. Fresh-Aire UV® systems are sold through wholesale HVAC/R distributors, specified by consulting engineers and installed/serviced by air conditioning contractors. Fresh-Aire UV® continually strives to engineer, develop and market products to meet the demand for a greener world and healthier environment. The UV products improve air quality, enhance the efficiency of HVAC/R systems and reduce maintenance costs.  For more information please visit, call 1-(800) 741-1195 or email:


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