FreeSWITCHService Announced Video Conferencing Solution for Energy and Utility Sector

The energy and utility sector is thriving as more and more people tend to use advanced devices that consume ample of power. Both energy-producer and distributor companies have recorded a significant growth in business in the recent times. But then, the entrepreneurs remain edgy about security concerns and establishing a real-time connectivity with the employees. Video conferencing can serve these objectives while offering a seamless collaboration and communication with all the associates, stakeholders, and employees anytime.

FreeSWITCHService, a leading VoIP service provider and a subsidiary of Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited, has recently announced a video conferencing solution designed for the energy and utility sector. A spokesman at FreeSWITCHService disclosed the company's objective behind offering customized video conferencing solution for the energy and utility sector with these words: " At FreeSWITCHService, we are committed to offering a 360-degree conferencing solution to our global clientele. In our endeavor of providing feature-rich and seamlessly performing video conferencing solution across various industry sectors, we have come across some of the unique business communication-based requirements of an energy and utility sector. We develop tailored video conferencing software that can readily meet their requirements and facilitate the energy companies to offer more efficient and targeted services. For example, tens of hundreds of workers are stationed on different oil rigs across the world. Video conferencing is the only way to manage both daily workflow and crisis situation in remotely located oil rigs. We offer reliable and HD quality videos that help energy companies manage every aspect of their high-risk, high-value business." He concluded.

FreeSWITCHService offers excellent solutions in conferencing, SBC, and IVR domains while contributing in establishing unified communication system at the workplace. The company has served the global clientele with quality VoIP solutions at competitive rates.

A technical head at Ecosmob Technologies revealed the importance and benefits of bespoke video conferencing solution developed and designed categorically for the energy and utility sector with these words: " A crew's life at oil rig is way more riskier than we imagine as they work on a remotely-located offshore place. They require accurate and timely medical care in the case of emergency. Similarly, windmills and pipelines located at remote places also require a real-time monitoring and collaboration. In brief, from monitoring to maintenance and collaborating to crisis management, the energy producer and distributor companies witness a plenty of challenges on a daily basis. Our expert team of developers at FreeSWITCHService can address all these challenges efficiently while developing competent conferencing solutions for the energy firms. They develop highly scalable and easy-to-use video conferencing software using the robust FreeSWITCH platform at competitive rates. The solution is easy-to-deploy and offers security through IP VPN deployment options, SOC 2 verification, and encryption methods. Energy firms can leverage all the benefits of video conferencing with FreeSWITCH-based customized solutions designed by FreeSWITCHService company." He concluded.

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