Fractional-HP Motors/Gearmotors survive hostile areas.

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Harsh Environment IP66 Motors and Gearmotors include permanent magnet dc, brushless dc, and ac induction motors, rated from 0.05-1.0 hp, that can be coupled with right angle, parallel shaft, or planetary speed reducers to create integrated, IP66-rated gearmotor solution. Engineered for harsh environment and rugged OEM applications, products are completely watertight and capable of withstanding extremes in vibration and submersion.

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New IP66-Rated Motor and Gearmotor Product Line

Fractional HP Product Line Developed for Harsh Environment, Rugged OEM Applications

Groschopp is pleased to announce its new Harsh Environment IP66 Motor and Gearmotor product line, the most comprehensive and durable family of IP66-rated fractional horsepower motors and gearmotors available in the industry.

"Very few manufacturers in our industry achieve the level that we have gone to in developing this product line - they stop at IP65," said Stanton Spaulding, Product Manager. "This new product line captures our many years of engineering experience that has been tested and proven with a wide variety OEMs, and it packages that experience into these optimum harsh environment solutions."

The product line includes Permanent Magnet DC, Brushless DC, and AC Induction motors ranging from 0.05 hp to 1.0 hp. Any of the motors can be coupled with Right Angle, Parallel Shaft or Planetary speed reducers to create an integrated, IP66-rated gearmotor solution.

Groschopp's expertise designing and manufacturing to IP66 ratings has been honed on over a decade of experience with several Tier 1 companies in the heavy automotive transmission industry. The rigorous test specifications have included high vibration, salt spray, mud, temperature extremes, and "million-mile" operating guarantees.

"Most of our customers and prospects, when they hear these application stories, are impressed with our engineering capabilities," added Spaulding. "It's our depth of engineering expertise that convinces them that they can trust the Groschopp team to follow-through - from design 'promise' to execution."

Solid experience with fluid power and pumping applications - particularly where acidic solutions and corrosive chemicals are involved - also provides a firm foundation for the IP66 capability. Typically these applications require the motor/gearmotor to be completely watertight, capable of withstanding extremes in vibration and submersion. Groschopp's proven and tested knowledge of bearing materials and sealing methods specific to these OEM applications allows them to quickly and reliably propose cost-effective designs for these hostile environments.

Spaulding reports that recent OEM engagements have specifications that exceed IP66, and that both the customers and Groschopp engineers are confident that these next level designs can be achieved. "With each new project in our IP66 product line, our capability continues to expand - and ultimately, all of our customers can reap the rewards," he concluded.

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