FPC Connectors suit compact, mobile applications.

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Low-profile FPC right-angle connectors are 0.047 in. high and 0.134 in. wide and include top- and bottom-contact zero insertion force (ZIF) styles. Embossed-tape packaging suits pick-and-place requirements. Metal solder tabs provide PCB hold-down and strain relief on SMT tails. Connectors, with 5 to 24 circuits, are rated at 50 V and 0.5 A. Actuator on bottom-contact version rotates up to facilitate cable insertion. Both versions include pre-hold cable feature in housing.

Original Press Release:

New Low Profile FPC Connectors from Molex(R) Are Ideal for Compact and Mobile Applications

Get valuable space savings with the new low profile 1.20mm (.047") height FPC connectors from Molex Incorporated. These right angle connectors are ideal for compact and mobile applications that include cellular phones, digital cameras, PDAs and notebook PCs.

Along with being low profile, these FPC connectors are only 3.40mm (.134") wide, providing further space savings. This product line includes both top-contact and bottom-contact zero insertion force (ZIF) styles to meet various application needs. (The top-contact version belongs to Series 54550 and the bottom-contact version belongs to Series 54548.) The actuator on the bottom-contact version rotates up slightly to facilitate cable insertion. Both versions include a pre-hold cable feature in the housing that keeps the connector in place while the actuator is being closed. Metal solder tabs are also provided for PCB hold-down and strain relief on SMT tails. Housings are made of a high-temperature material.

Available in five to 24 circuits, these connectors are delivered in embossed tape packaging for pick-and-place requirements. They are rated at 50V and 0.5 Amps.

Pricing depends on products and quantity ordered. For example, when purchased in quantities of 100,000, the top-contact version connector costs $0.61 each. Depending on volume ordered, the lead time is typically six weeks.

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