Four-Way Switcher keeps vehicle batteries charged and ready.

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With plug-and-play functionality, QuadLink® turns any brand of 6 or 12 Vdc battery maintenance charger up to 8 A (using standard 2-prong output connector) into 4-station battery maintenance charger. Unit automatically splits and distributes all of maintenance charger's capabilities into 10-minute sequencing charge segments, and ability to switch back and forth between batteries lets one battery maintenance charger ability to charge and maintain up to 4 batteries.

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How to Efficiently Keep Your Family of Vehicle Batteries Alive and Kicking

SOUTHLAKE, Texas -- American garages are literally bursting at the seams as we continue to add more recreational vehicles to our family collection of cars and trucks.

The average American family cranks their way through dozens of 6V and 12V batteries through their lifetime to keep cars, trucks, motorcycles, off-roaders, golf carts and even riding lawn mowers in good starting condition. The challenge is how to keep all of the batteries maintained so all vehicles are ready to go when we are, and to extend battery life to ease the strain on family budgets.

A lead acid battery lifespan can range from as little as six months to 48 months, however, only 30% of the batteries sold today will ever see their third birthday. Extremes of heat and cold, parasitic drains for onboard electronics and just poor maintenance are the main reasons for poor performance and premature battery death.

Battery maintenance charging and desulfating lead battery plates--the main reason why batteries fail-- have proved to greatly extend battery lifespans up to 5x normal performance.

The dilemma faced by the number of homegrown battery doctors was how to efficiently address the needs of multiple patients with a battery maintenance charger that was designed to spend many hours on just a single battery.

The engineering team at PulseTech® Products Corporation--a Dallas area firm that has since 1994 maximized performance while minimizing battery related expenses for individuals, companies, fleets and military forces--took on the challenge of how to efficiently turn a single station battery maintenance charger into a multi-battery charger.

Their creation is The QuadLink®, a four-way switcher that turns any brand 6V or 12V DC battery maintenance charger up to 8 amps (using the standard 2-prong output connector) into a 4-station battery maintenance charger, automatically splitting and distributing all of the maintenance charger's capabilities into 10-minute sequencing charge segments.

With the QuadLink® there's no longer a reason to use multiple battery maintenance chargers on vehicles or batteries in storage. Since most battery maintenance chargers are in float mode 95% of the time, QuadLink's unique ability to switch back and forth between batteries allows a single battery maintenance charger the ability to charge and maintain up to four batteries. It's a simple plug and play application with a microprocessor that automatically adapts to the number of batteries actually connected.

Applications for the QuadLink® battery maintenance charger include a wide variety of vehicles and equipment, including automobiles, light trucks, SUVs, ATVs, motorcycles, small boats and watercraft, lawn mowers, industrial and warehousing equipment and even golf carts.

The Motorcycle Riders Club of America through its product testing program recently gave QuadLink® a 100% approval rating following extensive consumer testing.

Retail pricing for the QuadLink® is $99.95. The QuadLink® is currently available online at and through a network of PulseTech distributors and dealers. For additional information, contact PulseTech directly at 1-800-580-7554.

Contact: John Bell

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