Four Spindles Handle up to 1000-lb Tailstock Thrust Each - No Problem!

Line up two, three or four of Hardinge's high-precision spindles on your table and it's like putting your machining center on steroids! Take indexing to the max with a Hardinge 5C2 quad-spindle indexing system. This rugged unit is a real workhorse for small to medium-size parts of all shapes. Each spindle will handle a 50-lb (23kg) part with an axial thrust of up to 1000-lb (4448N). And all of this indexing muscle sits on a compact base plate measuring just under 23" (583mm) long.

How can a quad unit possibly handle that much thrust to each spindle? Hardinge states that it's the high-load, tapered dual roller bearings that support the heavy radial and axial loads. A hardened and ground steel worm drive shaft and a hardened and ground steel cross-axis helical gear provide high accuracy with minimal wear. Double eccentrics provide fine gear mesh from the factory and the ability for the customer to perform precise gear wear compensation down the road.

You can see that the curved front castings and extended noses provide spindle clearance and optimum tool access. The Hardinge 5C threaded-nose spindles are 5" (127mm) on center and will accept collets, step chucks, expanding collets, manual chucks and fixture plates for gripping round, square, hex and odd-shaped parts without the use of an adapter. Choose from a pneumatic fail-safe collet closer with a through-hole or a high-force closer with adjustable grip force. Individual manual drawbars are also available as a low-cost alternative. All spindles are synchronized for aligned part orientation within .0002" (.005mm) and will index at a fast 360-degrees per second. Parts that have a length-to-diameter ratio of greater than 3-to-1 are candidates for a tailstock support.

Run this unit with a servo control or via true 4th-axis. The Hardinge all-digital servo control features a multiple line LCD display. Store up to 50 programs with up to 1000 steps in each program. Infrared sensing capabilities allow upload and download of programs from a Windows-based pocket PC.

The 5C2 Indexer is based on the Hardinge 5C spindle and Hardinge manual indexer designs. Over 60 years of Hardinge-engineered and proven mechanical elements guarantee an accurate, repeatable and reliable product. The Hardinge 5C2 Indexer is compatible with Bridgeport and most other brands of vertical machining centers and knee mills. Hardinge indexers and rotary tables bring automation to your table with single and multiple part setups. Phone 800-510-3161.

Founded more than 100 years ago, Hardinge is a global leader in providing turning, milling, grinding and workholding solutions to meet a wide array of market needs. The company's common stock trades on NASDAQ under the symbol HDNG, and is headquartered in Elmira, New York.

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