Four Foot LED Bulb upgrades existing T8 fluorescent fixtures.

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Rated 15.9 W, LEDT8-48-BLST produces 130 lm/W for 2,000 lm/bulb total and is designed for direct replacement of 4 ft fluorescent fixtures with G13 bases. Design does not require any rewiring, and driver allows use with fluorescent ballast without incurring damage to LED lamp. Lamp may also be used in fixture without ballast. Along with directional design producing 140° beam spread, features include polycarbonate lens, aluminum housing, and 100–277 Vac compatibility.

Original Press Release:

Larson Electronics Releases a Four Foot LED Light Bulb to Replace Fluorescent Lamps

Kemp, Texas – Larson Electronics, an industrial lighting leader, has developed a new 15.9 watt LED tube lamp that is an excellent choice for upgrading existing T8 fluorescent light fixtures and eliminates the hassle of having to rewire the whole fixture for compatibility.

The LEDT8-48-BLST 15.9 watt T-series LED replacement lamp from Larson Electronics works with any T8 fluorescent light fixture and can be directly plugged in to a fixture without rewiring the unit. When upgrading a fluorescent fixture to LED, the operator would normally have to bypass the ballast and wire the power directly to one end of the LED tube. Larson has developed this new lamp to eliminate having to rewire the fixture in order to accommodate an LED lamp. This lamp is equipped with a special driver that allows it to work with a fluorescent ballast without damaging the LED lamp. This LED lamp, however, may also be used in a fixture without a ballast. Power for this LED tube is single ended and requires the line and neutral voltage to be applied to the same end. Internally, the operator simply brings the black wire to one pin and the white wire to the other. While fluorescent lamps are Omni-directional and illuminate 360°, the LED style replacement lamps are directional and offer a 140° beam spread.

The polycarbonate lens diffuses the light and makes this bulb ideal for food safe environments as there is no glass. The aluminum housing serves as a heat sink and provides rigidity and strength for this LED lamp. These versatile LED lamps produce 130 lumens of light per watt for a total of 2,000 lumens per bulb. These multi-voltage LED bulbs run directly off any voltage ranging from 100 volts to 277 volts, including 120 volts, 220 volts, 240 volts, and 277 volts AC. The internal LED driver is a “smart” driver, sensing the incoming voltage and adjusting accordingly to provide the current required for powering the lamp. This LED lamp is designed for direct replacement of four foot fluorescent fixtures with G13 bases for replacing four foot T8, T8 high output, T12, and T12 high output fluorescent lamps. These lamps can be used in fixtures that use a G5 to G13 adapter socket using T5 lamps.

“These new LED tubes were designed for use in Larson’s explosion proof light fixtures, but may be used as replacements in standard fluorescent light fixtures without removing the existing ballast,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics. “This LED lamp is ideal for replacing overhead lighting, upgrading existing retail fixtures, signage, and for custom lighting accents.”

Larson Electronics specializes in portable industrial lighting equipment, high mast light towers, explosion proof light fixtures, power distribution systems, LED lighting and more. To view their wide range of products, visit them on the web at or call 1-800-369-6671 for more information. Larson Electronics will be attending the 2016 OTC show in Houston, Texas from May 2nd to May 5th. Visit them at booth 6716 to inquire about their lighting solutions for many industrial applications.

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