Forsthoff Hot Air Tools and Kits

We provide a wide variety of Durable Forsthoff Hot Air Tools and Kits. Forsthoff has been making Quality Tools for over 40 years. Products include the popular Quick-SE handheld welder as well as other handheld tools, Industrial in-line hot air blowers, and automatic overlap welders.

Applications for the FORSTHOFF hot air tools include roofing, flooring, tarpaulin manufacturing, plastic welding, in-line processing, shrinking, drying and much more. You now have a choice in hot air tools at reasonable prices.

As an independent distributor of Plastic Working equipment and Climate Monitoring Instruments, you can rest assured that you will receive unbiased, honest advice from our technical staff about which products will best fill your needs. Request a free copy of our Plastic Working catalog (click here) or visit our (website) to see a digital version of the catalog.

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